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News of Joint Orientation of Lincoln House School and Gracias School of Music

2011.03.08(Tue) pm 02:00

The ‘Joint Orientation of Lincoln House School and the Gracias School of Music’ was held at the IYF Daejeon Center.

The joint orientation began with Righteous Stars’ dances by the Bucheon Lincoln House School past students and ‘El Sol’ by the past students of Gwangju Lincoln House School which welcomed the 235 students and parents from the music schools of Gangreung, Daegu, Ulsan and Jeonju.

The congratulatory messages were given by elder Won Dal Kim (Chairman of the Operations Union of Lincoln House Schools Nationwide) and president Dae Woo Kwon (President of Asian Economy Newspaper, director of Gracias School of Music). The past students of the Gracias School of Music continued the ceremony with a congratulatory performance of their own.

The program included a piano trio, a Cello ensemble of teachers and students, a choir performance which included Professor Alexandra Makarova along with Pastor Ock Soo Park’s congratulatory message.

“You all may know only to run forward with all your strength but as you come to this school, it is important that you learn the world of heart and how to restrain yourselves. A long time ago, life was very difficult so people learned to restrain themselves on their own but nowadays there aren’t many people who starve nor people who aren’t able to study because of the lack of pencils or notebooks and everyone has many things and so it’s become difficult to restrain themselves. However, if you hone the methods to restrain yourselves, your mentality will be clear and healthy and when you study I believe that inside of God’s grace you will be the leaders of the next generation.

You will attend this school to attain tremendous knowledge as well but I also hope that you will be learn to attain a break in the world of hearts and just as how a car at first has only an engine then gains brakes, then lights, air conditioners and many other things, before you attain many other things, I hope that you attach a brake first and learn to restrain yourself, although you may get upset, that you hone the strength to restrain yourselves and the strength to restrain yourselves when there are things you want to do and become the precious workers who are grown in the guidance of God and will lead the next world.”

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