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[Paraguay] Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Meeting with the Current and Former President of Paraguay

Meeting between Pastor Ock Soo Park and President Horacio Cartes of Paraguay.

The 4th January. God has led the World Camp in Paraguay with so many blessings and in a wonderful way.



At 11:30am, with the police escort, Pastor Ock Soo Park and company made their way to the President’s Palace of Horacio Cartes to have a meeting with the President for one hour.


Senator Lilian Samaniego, the Ruling Party Governor, had come to the Opening Ceremony of the World Camp in Paraguay and was amazed by the practical programs that were used to lead the youth, and this inspired her to pursue organizing a meeting with the President.


Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced himself to the President of Paraguay by saying that he is doing the work of leading the youths all over the world to have a bright and sound mind.

“Right now, the economic situation in Paraguay is good but as the economy quickly develops and the desires become even greater, the ability to restrain oneself diminishes and this leads to youth problems. That is why they need this Mind Education.”

The President replied, “I was deeply concerned about the youth problems so, I am so thankful to have met a Pastor that knows so well about this.” He also promised to help with this project as much as possible alongside the Ruling Party Governor.


Pastor Ock Soo Park explained that the establishment of the Mind Education as a subject and music would be great in the development of the youths, “Originally, we are meant to start this education from primary school but first let us educate the teachers of middle and high schools as well as university professors for ten years in order to prevent us from having to dispatch specialist teachers and the schools will be able to educate themselves. Also, on top of this Mind Education, what the students need is an education in music. Music calms the rough hearts of the students and allows them to have deeper thoughts rather than instinctive ones.”

The President was so happy and said that he would do just that as well as clearly stating that he will help with whatever is possible on top of providing a plot of land to do such work. Moreover, he was amazed that Pastor Ock Soo Park was already pursuing the work of Mind Education, despite the President being disappointed that the current education in his country was completely focused on the economy.



Afterwards, the President was full of joy after hearing the Spanish songs of the Gracias Choir and he took a celebratory photo with everyone that had attended the meeting and the hour had finally come to a close.

Meeting with the Former President, Senator Fernando Lugo


Pastor Ock Soo Park and company then travelled to take part in the luncheon that was hosted by the Former President, Senator Fernando Lugo.


As soon as Pastor Ock Soo Park arrived at the venue of the meal, he warmly greeted Senator Lugo. Senator Lugo also expressed his delight of meeting Pastor by giving him a firm hug. After greeting one another, they moved to hall where the luncheon was taking place.



Senator Lugo could not forget the first meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park. “At a time when I wanted to lay everything down and give up, I was able to meet Pastor and listen to the Word and stand up once again.”

With the story of the ‘woman caught in the act of adultery’, Pastor Ock Soo Park began to have fellowship with the Senator.



“The law depends on whether or not I do well. However, God’s new covenant does not depend on me. What I am saying is that God will lead us. According to the law, the woman that was caught in the act of adultery should die but by the new covenant of grace, she heard that Jesus Christ no longer condemns her.

The first covenant depends on how I do, and that changes the result. However, the second covenant is not me working but it is a world where Jesus Christ works. If the woman caught in the act of adultery follows the first covenant, she cannot help but die but if she follows the second covenant, she gains new life from the words that say, ‘Nor do I condemn thee.’ Such Words are recorded in the Bible.



I do work that God is happy with. Even now, I am toiling for this work. God is with me. Someone who is with God is completely different to other people. You should also live like that. God has made us holy and perfect. Live with your heart as one with this Word. Do not follow the circumstances that you see but look towards God and work with faith. God will bestow his grace upon you and Paraguay.”

Senator Lugo was so thankful for this time saying, “Today’s luncheon is not just a meal but a time that was prepared by God.” Pastor Ock Soo Park invited the Senator to the World Camp in July at Korea and the Senator responded by saying that they will meet again, in South Korea.


God is truly blessing the World Camp in Paraguay. In the morning, there was a meeting with the current President to discuss ways to lead the youth and in the afternoon, God had led Pastor to have fellowship with the former President, Senator Fernando Lugo. We cannot help but be full of hope when we think about God who has already began to work so amazingly in the beginning of 2017 just as he had done in 2016.



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