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To start off the pre-opening day of our 4th World Camp in Peru, students from Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Korea from early on were on the lookout for this major international meeting. Together with them were high school students who were accompanied by their parents. Although some of the parents at first did not have confidence in our organization, hearing about the programs that IYF offers young people, they opened their hearts and let their children participate freely.

Starting off with registration during the afternoon, we could see that there were many new students. Most of them heard about our camp through our announcements on the radio and television. God had opened the way for us to promote two weeks before starting our event through the government channel, national radio, RPP, and Pacifico Television, among others.

At night, we had presentations by the Righteous Stars dance group, high school students of the Lincoln House School in Korea, who conveyed to us the heart of Africa through their dances. Afterward, we enjoyed the international dance called Buleria. We also had the presence of Jackeline Cacho, the host of the program “Crown USA”, who we were able to connect with through Dr. Absalom Alarcón. She was very grateful that God allowed her to be part of our event and she is willing to fully support us, promoting our organization through reports to Hispanics in the U.S.

Many young people who participated for the first time were eager to see the Gracias Choir. Some who had only had a chance to appreciate the melodious songs of the choir through video were waiting for their arrival and presentations. The choir delighted us with songs in Spanish such as “Estrellita del Sur” (Peruvian song), “Eres tú” and “La Bamba”, causing the atmosphere of the camp to be turned into a night of happiness and tranquility.

Pastor Lee Kang Woo from the IYF headquarters in the city of Kwangju (Korea), shared with us about the importance of Jesus in our lives to give us strength in our hearts while we are still young, and thus challenging the barriers of sin that are always influencing in the world. Pastor Lee told us, “If we connect with the heart of God we can have a strong heart.”

Through this pre-event as we saw God work to bring young people and as we saw their faces of joy despite the hot weather, filled us with joy. We are confident that through the training that IYF has this week for the young participants, they can receive true strength and peace in their hearts.

Reported by Berenice Camargo Diaz

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