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On the fourth day the expectation grew and the young people, even though they were tired, heard the Word in the morning and after a good breakfast went to the academy of their choice. They had fun at each academy and took advantage of all that was taught during the camp. Every day more young students were interested in learning languages, as they sang, greeted and shared a bit in their newly acquired language

The students were also greatly pleased with other academies, such as the acupuncture academy in which they, little by little, learned that everything, even diseases, depend on the state of the heart. We learned that if we can learn to bend our heart, we can get the peace and health, both physically and spiritual that we are always searching. After participating in the academies and listening to the Word through Pastor Park, the youth headed to the premises of the IPD (Peruvian Institute of Sports) where they swam, ran and enjoyed to the max with our pastors and teachers. At that time people testified about the experience that a World Camp provides.

Once back at the camp venue, the students enjoyed a delicious meal and headed to the main stage area to enjoy the long awaited Christmas Cantata, which commemorates the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to each of our hearts. This presentation also gave us a beautiful message about how a family can enjoy together if you learn to receive the hearts of others and throw away your own heart.

Special guests, as well as the young participants, were impressed with both the talent of the choir and the majesty of the presentation, especially because they were able to convey to us something as solemn as Bethlehem two thousand years ago but also a delightful comedy in the third act. In addition to this, we had a chance to hear a few words from Pastor Ock Soo Park, who spoke from the heart about how Jesus Christ has to be born in the heart of every one of us, such as we saw in the Christmas cantata, and that this way, we could have true joy.

We have one day before the camp is over so we hope that through the preaching of Pastor Ock Soo Park, the Gospel Class directed by Pastor Gregorio from Bolivia, and other activities, the heart of the youths will change and that they can, as we have learned so far, each throw away their own heart and gain the heart of Jesus Christ.

——————————————————— Reported by Berenice Camargo Diaz

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