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As the camp came to a close, we could see the radiant and excited hearts of each student who, by the grace of God, had received salvation. They participated in the last class of their academies and could not stop talking to their teachers and taking pictures to remember such a beautiful time spent in these five days. Despite the fatigue, they had the opportunity to meet with our organization and widen their horizons to a broader world.

After the academies, we began with the Closing Ceremony, where we saw the Gracias Choir perform for the last time in the World Camp 2011, but with the hope that in the future there will be many occasions to enjoy their performances like this. Listening to the words of young new students, we realized that they cannot wait for next year’s camp in order to continue what they have experienced so far. The camp no doubt made a great impression in the heart of each of the listeners.

To close the night, recognition was given to educational figures and politicians who collaborated with us during the preparation of the 4th IYF World Camp in Peru. Among them were Congressman Aníbal Huerta, Dr. Absalom Alarcón, Dr. Elvira Pasquel (Public Relations), her husband Dr. Miguel Guerrero, Dr. Gonzalo Alegría and his wife Dr. Renata Teodori (Director of Promotions, Ministry of Education) who supported us during the process of securing the venue to host the camp.

Compared to other years, many more parents attended this year’s camp and were very happy because they are confident that IYF will change the hearts of their children. There were many testimonies of the change in young people who were in the past living with addictions and were social problems; young people who were also not interested in the word of God. However, as they were taken by the word of God, they were able to be freed from that suffering and condemnation. There were many times when the new young people who participated in our 4th IYF World Camp were filled with joy and hope. As they opened their hearts to the word of God, which touched each one of them, they became interested in becoming part of our organization and also in participating in the programs that the IYF offers young people. We have great expectation that this year the IYF will raise many young Peruvians who will work for others, learning and guiding them towards the heart of God.


Reported by Berenice Camargo Diaz

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