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(Peru) If the Bible says We Are Holy, We Are Holy People

Pastoral Meeting during the World Camp in Peru

The 2015 World Camp in Peru, which was created and designed by God, had opened in our world. The 3rd! Peru was busily running the World Camp. Day by day, the songs of pain and sadness were thrown out and it was replaced by the songs of hope and happiness. Not only did students attend the World Camp but it was also a place where many pastors from established churches came to listen to the Gospel.


Peru is a Catholic country. Most people say that they believe in God but they do not have Him in their hearts if you look closely. Therefore, in order to truly meet God inside of their hearts a Pastoral Meeting was organised for during the World Camp.


Pastor Ock Soo Park explained, in detail, about the Gospel. They knew that Jesus had taken away all of our sins. However, because many people do not believe that Jesus had washed their sins, they pray for the cleansing of the sin.


There was a person who drank eight bottles of alcohol a day. Although he attended church, because of himself who drank alcohol, he was in difficulty, as well as his family. Despite the fact that in the Word of God it says that we are ‘holy’, when he looked at his own image which continued to look to alcohol, he thought that he was not holy.



We want to admit that we are holy people only after we solve our problems. Because we believe in our own thoughts we only say that we are holy when we appear holy to ourselves. However, no matter what our image is, God says that we are holy. ‘If in the Bible, it says that we are holy, then we are holy.’



While listening to the Word, many pastors began to think about the fact that they believed in Jesus in the incorrect way. As they read the Word, which was saying that they were holy, they began to nod. From their expressions, you could see the thankfulness towards God who had saved them.’


“I truly thank God, who had led me here to the Pastoral Forum. I came through the invitation of the pastor at the church. Seek and it will be given to you. God gave me that Word this morning. I sought for such a long time for my sins to be cleansed but God, through this chance today, has listened to my prayers. Just like today’s Word, we are all holy now.” (Mariella/Participant of the Pastoral Forum) “Everyone! Let us live our lives in Christ, preaching this beautiful Gospel. This is what God truly wants.”

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