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[Peru] The Happy End to the Year with the Christmas Cantata

‘We are not of those who draw back into perdition, but those who believe to the saving of the soul’. In 2016, we have lived by this Word and preached the Gospel powerfully, and now many people are enjoying the end of this beautiful year at the World Camp in Peru.



The morning of the 31st of December was special. In line with the time zone of South Korea, the New Year’s Service took place at 8:50am in Peru. Although we were still in 2016, it was such a blessed time as we looked back on all the works of God through our mission together with Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir.

Pastor Ock Soo Park’s New Year’s message was this;

“The widow of Zarephath experienced the jar of never-ending flour only once she had followed Elisha’s Word and had given him one handful of flour. We, like this widow, hope that there is the never-ending grace of God in 2017. If we listen to the servant of God and give everything to follow that Word, then God will surely fill that person with blessings. If you serve the Gospel with all of your heart, your family and also the people around you will be blessed. In the hopeful new 2017, I wish that there will be such an amazing work of people receiving salvation around the world, just like the word in Acts 13:47”





In the afternoon, there was a time to do the ‘Scavenger Hunt’. It was a game where teams had to go around 15 booths scattered around the venue and complete missions in order to gain a hint for the final question. In order to solve this quiz, there had to be teamwork in the groups. It was such an entertaining time, where people from many countries came together and put their hearts and thoughts together.




6.30pm. As the doors opened, many people who had come to see the Christmas Cantata entered the hall. In addition to the World Camp participants, there were many people who were invited through the advertising of the Christmas Cantata itself. Although it was a worry that many people would not come as it was the end of the year, the great number of people who came to spend a special end of the year filled all of the 2500 seats. With the exciting performance of the Righteous Stars, the performance began. Through the first act, the Nativity truly reminded people about the true meaning of Christmas.




In the second act, the audience began to laugh and cry with Anna, as they became more and more involved in the performance.


Pastor Ock Soo Park used the story of the Pastor Gi Sung Kim, saying that he had begun to live a completely new life after realizing the love of his mother, in order to preach the message of the Gospel.

“Jesus Christ loved us so much that he died on the cross. The people who discover this hearts and accept it will be able to truly change. I hope that in this evening, you all will also be able to receive change in your hearts and be filled with the love of Jesus.”



The third act began with Handel’s Oratorio, and through ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’, in which the audience sang along, everyone became the main character of the Christmas Cantata and praised Jesus Christ. The Christmas Cantata finished with ‘Y se llama Perú’, and ‘Feliz Navidad’ and the audience showed their appreciation through applause and cheering. The Christmas Cantata, which makes Jesus Christ born in the hearts of the people all around the world, also received a fervent reaction from Peru.



“A certain Pastor that I know invited me so I came with my family. I have never seen such a good performance in Peru. The musical, choir were all so beautiful and good. Especially, my daughter concentrated so much in the story of Anna that I also almost cried. I will come to the New Year’s Concert tomorrow as well.” (William Vijas)

“My grand-daughter in participating in this World Camp as a volunteer so I came after seeing this event in the internet. Every single scene was so precious and beautiful. Previously, my grand-daughter used to work at a center where she would come home late, so I was often worried, but I was very thankful that IYF is a place that has the Word of God. I want to come with all of my family tomorrow.” (Luce Chukin)



“Through the introduction by my cousin, I came from Bolivia to participate in the World Camp in Peru with all of my family. The Christmas Cantata was so inspirational and amazing. I had never seen such a performance before and as soon as it began I became mesmerized. It was good because I was able to feel the true meaning of Christmas with all my family and learn the value of families.” (Sonya Rinaci)


God has worked in so many unspeakable ways, and allowed us to finish 2016 so beautifully with the World Camp. It is so thankful that we can begin 2017 with the World Camp and the Word of God. We are hopeful when we think that we are lights to the Gentiles and that we will shine the whole world that is filled with darkness.

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