Rev. Ock Soo Park Online Bible Seminar with 94 Countries

Updated: May 22, 2020

Opening of the World Evangelism

The 2020 Online Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park began on the evening of Sunday, May 10th, and concluded on evening of Friday, May 15th. There were 2 sessions each day; 10:30am and 7:30pm, excluding the first day for a total of 11 sessions, graced by the preaching of Pastor Ock Soo Park for about 90 minutes to listeners all around the each world.

Online Bible Seminar being broadcasted in TBN

The host of the Online Bible Seminar, the Good News Mission, officially provided translation in 6 languages: Korean, English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. A total of 26 languages were dubbed by Mission branches around the world which include: German, Japanese, multiples languages in India, Thai, Mongolian, Nepalese, Turkish, Tagalog (Philippines), Burmese (Myanmar), Vietnamese, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Cambodian, Swahili (Africa), Indonesian and more. The Bible Seminar was broadcast to an audience of 800 million people in 94 countries through 209 broadcasting stations. Let us take a look at the broadcasts of the Online Bible Seminar by continent.


The Bible Seminar broadcast on 26 TV stations and 23 radio stations in the USA.

The opportunity for non-christians to listen to the word was opened through regular broadcasting on large American broadcast stations such as abc, NBC, LATV, Telemundo and more. Additionally, one large Christian station is even planning on making this seminar (in conjunction with other sermons of Pastor Ock Soo Park) into a series.

In the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia which do not have a Good News Mission church, TV broadcasting plans were made. The Bible Seminar was broadcast to 470,000 homes in Arkansas through KASN, 1,300,00 homes in Ohio through WMFD, 1,250,000 homes in Kentucky through MyTV and 360,000 homes in West Viriginia through CW. Through KBC in New York, KBS New York broadcast allowed Koreans to listen to the Word in New York and New Jersey. PBC, the largest public broadcasting station in Jamaica, broadcast the Word to 3,000,000 homes in Jamaica. The youth in the USA gathered their hearts together as they prepared for the seminar and invited their friends to listen to the Word through Zoom. As they were listening, they were contacted by Hillsong’s Australia headquarters and said they wished to lead the praise for the seminar. Hillsong is a famous church praise group that created many of the praises that churches sing today. USA youth members of the Good News Church invited the Hillsong church members to attend the Online Bible Seminar. They thankfully agreed and sang praises and listened the the Word together. From cities without churchs to the largest cities in the USA, the Lord who wants to preach the gospel to all of America has opened the doors of the gospel and has laid the foundation for all 300,000,000 Americans to listen to the Word of God.

Central and South America

The Bible Seminar broadcast to all Spanish-speaking homes in the Americas, centered around Enlace, the largest broadcasting station in Central America.

The Bible Seminar was broadcast to all Spanish-speaking homes in the Americas through Enlace, the largest Latin American Christian broadcasting station. Rochelle, a program director at Enlace began to help with the broadcast of Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Lectures on Genesis. The scheduling of the Bible Seminar was urgently discussed, and it was not easy, but as they saw the vision of the Bible Seminar to preach the gospel to 800,000,000 people, the regular broadcast schedule was adjusted and the spots were opened for the broadcast to be aired.

After the first broadcast, the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park was preached to all of the countries in Central America through Enlace, and the Central American congregation took pictures and rejoiced. As CLF pastors fell deep in the Word, they posted testimonies in chat rooms. One viewer says “To meet Pastor Ock Soo Park on Enlace again reminds me of old memories, and I wish to see the sermons of Pastor Ock Soo Park everyday on TV.

In Paraguay, the Bible Seminar was broadcast through Paraguay TV, a public broadcasting station and RCC. The Good News Paraguay Church shared the news of the Bible Seminar to the media and requested interviews from Paraguay TV and RCC. At 8:40 PM Korea Time on the 8th, Paraguay TV had an interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park via Skype. When asked about the purpose for airing the Online Bible Seminar in 94 countries, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel for about 20 minutes. Additionally, an administrator at RCC said “In times like these, the Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park that delivers a message of hope to all people of the world who are having difficulties because of COVID-19 is necessary,” and decided to air the seminar. Paraguay TV is Paraguay’s most reliable national broadcast, excluding commercial programs and pursuing public interest. RCC is the only Christian TV broadcast station that covers all of Paraguay with 5 channels.

In Honduras, Canal 8 TNH (Honduras public broadcast), Canal Cafe, La Voz Evangelica and 3 other broadcast stations were connected through the World Camp in February and coordinated together to broadcast the seminar. Canal Cafe is a private channel that covers the state of El Paraiso and is run by the father of a World Camp volunteer. As he saw the change in his son, he was the one to suggest airing the seminar. La Voz Evangelica is the oldest and most influential radio broadcast station in Honduras, and it even has listeners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and more.

In Peru, the seminar was broadcast on 5 TV stations and 4 radio stations. The former secretary of defense sent his regards by saying “This is truly the amazing work of God. I am thankful to the pastors that have given me the opportunity to come in contact with this. We have always lived being tormented by sin but through the Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park, the Bible says that by the blood of Jesus we have become sanctified and perfect. Thank you.”

In Chile, the seminar was broadcast on 3 radio stations. Listeners called in to the radio station for inquiries and one listener said, “During these tough times because of the pandemic, I am so happy to hear the Word of God.” During the Bible Seminar, Pastor Emelia Soto, a head pastor in Chile, invited Missionary Jinhwan Kim to a video conference to introduce the Bible Seminar.

Furthermore, the seminar was broadcast on 4 radio stations in Colombia, 8 TV stations and 9 radio stations in Bolivia, and 1 TV station and 5 radio stations in Haiti.

Russia, Central Asia, Ukraine

The Word was preached in West Russia, the Siberian Tundra, the Far East, Ukraine, Muslim countries in the Middle East, and other Russian-speaking regions.

TBN Russia broadcast the Online Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park. TBN covers 85% of all homes in Russia, and an average of 2,000,000 homes are regular viewers. Additionally, TBN Russia broadcasts in 186 countries to the 9,000,000 Russians spread across the world, making the total audience of TBN to be about 12,500,000. In 2015, TBN signed an MOU with the Good News Mission and has been regularly broadcasting Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Lectures on Matthew.

The Ukrainian broadcast station CNL broadcast the Bible Seminar to an audience of about 2,250,000. Furthermore, through Youtube, Facebook, VKontakte (Russian Social Media), CLF (Christian Leader’s Fellowship) and more, the Word was preach in West Russia, the Siberian Tundra, the Far East, all of Ukraine, Muslim countries in the Middle East and other Russian-speaking regions. In this way, the gospel is being preached to an enormous number of Russian-speaking people and many of them are receiving salvation.

The current daily viewer count is 15,021,742 people: 14,750,000 viewers from TBN and CNL, 155,000 viewers on social media and 103,000 viewers from CLF affiliate Pastors’ churches.


In Europe, the Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park was aired through various broadcast stations. The sermon was dubbed into English, French, Spanish and more.

In Spain, the Bible Seminar was broadcast through TBN España and FM Radio La Viña to 150,000,000 people in Europe and North Africa including 12,000,000 people in Spain. In the UK, the Bible Seminar was broadcast through Faith World TV. Faith World TV is a large broadcast station that has a viewership of 12,000,000 homes in the UK through cable TV and 45,000,000 homes in all of Europe through satellite TV. In Germany and Austria, the Bible Seminar was dubbed and aired live 2 times a day; 11 AM and 8 PM on the Youtube channel Yehior TV starting from May 11th. After the live broadcast, dubbing and promotion wil be completed near the end of May and will be aired again. In Portugal and 5 Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa, the Bible Seminar was aired through Youtube and Facebook.

In Hungary, the Bible Seminar was dubbed in Hungarian and was aired through River Fm, a broadcast station run by the Omega Church which has a close relationship with the Good News Mission. The broadcast reached a quarter of all of Hungary, reaching an audience of 25,000,000. In Bulgaria, the seminar is to be dubbed in Bulgarian and broadcast through Plovdiv public broadcasting and Christian broadcast stations in Bulgaria from May 21 to May 24 at 9:30 AM and 8 PM. In Romania the seminar will be broadcast twice a week for 7 weeks starting from the end of May on the Christian broadcast channel Alfa Omega TV. Alfa Omega TV is a Christian broadcast channel with an audience of about 5,000,000 Romanian Christians in Europe and the USA.

Even in the Muslim country of Turkey, there are many people who shouted “Amen!” and rejoiced as they listened about the repentance which leads to the forgiveness of sins. In Turkey, the seminar was broadcast on Youtube and Facebook twice a day; at 11 AM and 8 PM. As the live stream aired, the broadcast was shared with many Turkish Christian groups on Facebook, and many people left comments of thanks as they heard the gospel. The dubbing in Hebrew is being worked on and is planned to be broadcast on Youtube and Facebook next week. The translation and dubbing of Arabic, which 20% of the world speaks, is currently being made.

In Finland, the Finnish dub is planned to be aired between late May and early June through the Christian broadcast station TV7. The Finnish dub will be posted on the TV7 website so that all visitors can listen any time of day.


Africa, with the highest number (90) of participating broadcast stations

In Ghana, the seminar was broadcast through GTV, a public broadcast station with a reach of 15,000,000 and the large broadcast station HomeBase TV with a reach of 70,000,000. On May 11, the Breakfast Show on GTV aired a live video interview through Zoom. During the interview, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the purpose of the Bible Seminar and preached the Word. In Nigeria, the seminar was broadcast through Jordan FM 93.9 and 105.5 to an audience of 15,000,000. Mario, the broadcast manager said “During my 27 years of working in broadcast, I have heard the sermons of many pastors, but I have never heard words like this. Most pastors try to lead people beneath them through the power of their words, but Pastor Park preaches so that people who do not understand much about the Bible can easily understand the Word. This is the right way to interpret the Bible.”

In Togo, the Bible Seminar was broadcast twice a day for five days through AC TV with a reach of 70,000,000, MIPC TV with a reach of 40,000,000 and more. Additionally, ZION and 5 other radio stations broadcast the Word to 18,000,000 in different native languages. In the Ivory Coast, the seminar was broadcast through Benie TV and Radio. Pastor Samual, the president of Benie TV participated in the Korea CLF last year and received salvation. He wanted to continue working with the Mission and actively helped in broadcasting the Bible Seminar. At first, the radio station declined to broadcast because ‘there was already another program scheduled and they considered the sermon too long. However, when the administrator heard the sermon, he decided to broadcast the extended seminar, even suggesting a partnership saying “the Word is so good.”

In Benin the seminar was broadcast through Alleluia World TV with a reach of 15,000,000 and Miséricorde TV with a reach of 45,000,000. Through a connection with the Light of Christ Church, the Seminar was also broadcast on Hallelujah World TV to 770,000 people in Benin and much more in the surrounding vicinity. The president of the broadcast station heard the Word and was moved and proposed to rebroadcast the seminar. The president of Miséricorde TV was introduced to the Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park by his friend, the president of MPIC Togo and received salvation after hearing the Word. He proceeded to broadcast the seminar on his station. The president of Alleluia TV also received salvation after hearing the Word and broadcast the seminar. Through Radio Tokpa and CAPP FM, the seminar was broadcast to 3,300,000 people.

In Cameroon, the seminar was broadcast to about 2,100,000 people through Amplitude, Vie Nouvelle, Bonne Nouvelle and 3 other radio stations. The seminar was broadcast from radio stations in Douala, Yaounde and other cities. One administrator at a radio station said he was happy to hear ‘the gospel being explained so simply’ and wished to continue airing the Word as well as form a partnership. Furthermore, in the Muslim countries of Mali and Guinea, administrators at various radio stations opened their hearts to the Word and broadcast the seminar at no cost. The Bible Seminar was widely spread to French-speaking countries such as Senegal, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Gabon and other West African countries. In Gambia and Liberia, the gospel was preached to hundreds of thousands of listeners through West Coast Radio, United Methodist Church Radio FM and other stations.

Besides these, the seminar was broadcast in many countries through various broadcast stations.

Dr. Adjognon Kodjo Joseph / Founder of MIPC TV and Founder of the Togo International Prayer for Change Temple

“After hearing the Word from Pastor Ock Soo Park at the CLF last December at the Togo National Theatre, I came to know that he is a great man of God. The testimony of John Choi, who was stung by a scorpion and of Pastor Park himself who had a stomach ulcer, being healed by faith in the power of Jesus moved my heart. That is why I did not hesitate at all to air the Online Bible Seminar through my broadcast station so that many many people could hear the Word. As I came to believe the Word in Hebrews 10:17-18 that Pastor read, ‘God says he does not remember my sins and iniquities.’ I pray that God gives Pastor health and energy to continue to do God’s work.”

Interview with an administrator at GTV, Ghana public broadcast.

“The words of Pastor Park are a message of blessing that opens all people’s eyes. I take pride in the fact that I can be a part of this precious work. There are many messages from pastors, but do not forget the message of Pastor Park. After meeting with Pastor, my life has changed and I want to deliver this message of change to society. This heart has influenced my professional and personal life. If you hear the message of Pastor and understand it, you will meet Heaven. Heaven really exisits. Believe in whatever you do and keep that faith. I want to thank Pastor Park’s technical team and I thank you for the change in me and to all those who allowed me to have this passion.”

In Asia

The flower of the gospel blooming in non-Christian countries in Asia

In Hong Kong, the seminar was broadcast on 17 platforms. The view count on the large social media platforms, Wechat and QQ reached 74,000,000. In India and the surrounding countries, the seminar reached 200,000,000 people through public cable TV and radio in Hindi, Telugu, Odia, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and English.

0.9% (622,080 people) of the population of Thailand are Christian but the seminar was able to be broadcast to non-Christians and in rural communities. In Thailand, the broadcast through Facebook garnered a huge response and on the first day alone there were over 1,000 comments. While promoting and inviting people to the seminar, connections to pastors running broadcast stations were made and the Bible Seminar was broadcast on MSS Cable TV and 2 radio stations. Through Youtube and Facebook, 30,000 people joined the Bible Seminar. Many pastors were invited and participated in the seminar, but in particular, the secretary of the Thailand Evangelical Federation, the Vice president of the Chiang Mai Christian Association, and the secretary of the Karen Christian Association attended the Bible Seminar.

In the Phillipines, the Bible Seminar was broadcast in Tagalog through Pinoy Xtreme Channel with a reach of 3,000,000 and 3 other broadcast stations. Through the online training for inmates, 7 prisons in the Cebu region partook in the Bible Seminar. In Myanmar, 70% of its population of 60,000,000 use Facebook. The Myanmar church broadcast the seminar live through Facebook, Zoom, Youtube and other social media. The news of the seminar was also shared by Lulu Aung, a saved actress with 990,000 followers on Facebook. In the Buddhist country of Cambodia, the seminar sermon was preached through Apsara TV and 6 radio stations.

In Laos with the largest percentage of Facebook users, the seminar was broadcast on Facebook and to the Hmong people with the largest percentage of Christians, the seminar was translated to Hmong and heard by Hmong people not only in Laos, but also in Thailand, Vietnam and the USA. The gospel was preached through the broadcast of the Bible Seminar in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and other surrounding countries through TV, radio and social media.

Norman Castillo / Administrator at Pinoy Xtreme Channel

“We have lived focusing on things that we thought we needed, but those were not the things that we truly needed. Many such things are not of benefit to us. Man does not live by bread alone, thus we felt the need to balance the content on our channel. While we do have content that is fun and makes people feel good, on the other hand I think that God, who will save us from all situations, can also give us a good time. I feel that Pastor Park delivers the Word to us in a very simple manner. Because he preaches the Word as he links the stories of his life and the Words of the Bible, he preaches to us actual stories that we need, and it really hits home. Personally, I really like Pastor Park and in contrast to the current situation that makes our hearts heavy, I feel that we are being led to be closer to God.”

South East Pacific

The gospel being preached to all the islands in the South East Pacific

The South East Pacific that God had promised his servant over 40 years ago…through this Bible Seminar it is clear that according to that promise, all the islands of the South East Pacific have been inherited. There are 14 island countries in the South East Pacific and about 45,000,000 people live there. The gospel is being preached in each corner of the South East Pacific and many people are happily sending their salvation testimonies.

In Australia, ABTB has broadcast stations in 7 states in Australia and broadcasts to 1,000,000 Vietnamese people in English and Vietnamese in Australia and the USA through Facebook and Youtube. The seminar was also broadcast in New Zealand through the Good News Mission New Zealand Facebook page and the CLF Oceania Facebook page.