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[Rwanda] 2016 Mind Camp and Christian Leaders’ Forum

All of Rwanda will receive salvation!

Rwanda, the heart of Africa is comprised of thousands of hills. But underneath the beauty, there is pain and sadness from the genocide that occurred 22 years ago. The only way to heal such heart of the people is the Words of God who made the hearts of people. The IYF Rwanda Branch invited Pastor Sung-hoon Kim of Good News Daegu Church from the 10th to the 13th of November and held the ‘IYF Mind Education and Christian Leaders’ Forum’ to plant the seed of the Words of God in the hearts of the people of Rwanda.



In the evening of the 10th, the ‘IYF Day’ was held by inviting government personnel, educational personnel, and sponsors. Rwanda National Youth Corps Secretary General, Youth Committee Coordinator, District Office Commissioner or Education, Presidents and Deans of various universities, Sponsor Directors and Marketing Managers etc. about 20 VIPs attended. Singers from Tanzania made the ‘IYF Day’ even more special. There was the welcoming message of IYF Rwanda Branch Manager Bong-jin Goh, IYF activity report by Co-pastor Blais, and the congratulatory message by the Youth Committee Coordinator. Lastly, there was the mind lecture of Pastor Sung-hoon Kim. Under the title, ‘Three Things that Change the World,’ he introduced the three mottos of the IYF, mentioned that the VIPs attending today were sympathetic to the importance of mind education, and inquired about how they were going work with the IYF.



From the 11th to the 13th, the mind education camp was held at the conference hall of IPRC University. President Diogene MULINDAHABI who agreed to the importance of the mind education provided us with the hall that can seat 500 people to use freely for 3 days for free. In the morning of the 11th, Pastor Sung-hoon Kim and President Diogene had a personal meeting; it began with the introduction and effect of the mind education and in the end the gospel was preached. The President moved to the camp venue, delivered a welcoming message as he emphasized the importance of the IYF’s mind education, and he listened attentively to Pastor Sung-hoon Kim’s lecture from the beginning to the last. He also agreed to the suggestion to sign an MOU and work together in the work.









During the three days of camp, the Righteous Stars, cultural performance, Tanzanian singer’s performance, Glorious Choir etc. were able to open the hearts of the 550 participants of the camp. Guest Lecturer Pastor Sung-hoon Kim carried out the mind education under the theme, ‘Three Things that Change the World’ by giving examples of great historic people. The students took notes and listened attentively. Especially, he shared the story of judgement of God’s representative wise man, Solomon with various actors; as Solomon revealed the true mother by putting the baby’s life in danger, he explained that we were trapped in sins to reveal Jesus so that we can gain true salvation. In the morning of the 13th, the gospel was preached and when those who believe that they have become righteous through the blood of Jesus were asked to put up their hands, everyone raised their hands. After the sermon especially, the students came to Pastor Sung-hoon Kim in tears and gave testimonies on how this gospel gave them the correct solution to the problems of their sins as well as peace. Besides this, the students were able to learn various culture and information through the academies, and in the afternoon of the last day, the mind recreation games that applied the mind allowed the students to reflect on the lectures.



In the afternoon of the 11th and 12th, there was the Christian Leaders’ Forum. General church pastors and leaders as well as the married brothers and sisters of Good News Rwanda Church, about 120 people listened to the Words preached by Pastor Sung-hoon Kim over two days. Through Martin Luther who accomplished reformation, we were able to learn the way of a Christian, and by connecting to Leviticus chapter 4 and the salvation of Jesus, we were able to hear in detail that our sins were cleansed. Through this Christian Leaders’ Forum, the pastors who gained assurance of salvation of sins wished and applied for mind education and invitation to bible seminar for their church youths. One pastor attended and listened to the Words at the Christian leaders’ meetings held by us and was always left with a big question in his heart. But as he listened to the Words this time, he testified that the problems of his sins were clearly taken care of in his heart.



In the morning of the 13th, main lecturer Pastor Sung-hoon Kim appeared on a talk show named Power of Praise on Royal TV. This talk show is a famous program watched my many people of Rwanda from 9 am to 12 am. Pastor Sung-hoon Kim appeared on the talk show for 30 minutes and preached the gospel through Acts 13:22 in which David joins hearts with God, and he explained carefully that faith is when God and our hearts are joined because God has prepared everything for us. The viewers responded with live comments on the Facebook page of the talk show.

The Rwanda Mind Camp began with the promise, ‘All of Rwanda will receive salvation.’ Relying on Words of promise that this camp is the work of the Lord so the Lord will bless it, God guided everything wonderfully from the smallest things such as preparation of the camp, the participants, weather, atmosphere etc. Through this camp, the brothers and sisters of Rwanda Church were able to experience God, rejoice, and give thanks.

We ask the brothers and sisters of across the world to pray for Rwanda.

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