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[Seattle, USA] Sleepless in Seattle with the Christmas Cantata


The tenth city is now Seattle.

After a wrap up in Minneapolis, the US Tour bus has arrived in Seattle today, the 30th, after the longest travelling distance among the 25 touring cities of 28 hours. Seattle has the best public safety maintenance and 40% of the whole city is covered with trees, giving its nickname, ‘Emerald City.’ Consequently, it was even selected 2nd place as best city in America to live in. This city of Seattle is where the world famous coffee franchise, ‘Starbucks’ began. Known to be a city of romance, crowds of tourists visit in search of romance.

However, also called “Rain City,” many of the Seattle citizens are suffering from depression and high suicide rates due to cloudy skies and gloomy weather. Seattle has double sides. The Gracias Choir has come on the 30th of September to deliver the citizens with unchanging faith and Jesus.

“I was in charge of media promotion this time. I was able to promote the Cantata in newspaper or radio by visiting different media. I used to always think ‘this is enough.’ But my pastor kept on telling me to find out about TV broadcasts as well. At first, it was very burdensome. I just thought ‘this is enough…’ Then I heard the Words of the city of Samaria. My circumstances seemed like the city of Samaria but, I felt in my heart that God will give us TV broadcast tomorrow about this time. It seemed impossible to visit the broadcast without appointment and request to air but I ignored the way I felt and called again, left messages, and sent emails again. Then KING5 (Seattle’s local NBC broadcast-known to all citizens of Seattle) Program Manager called me and asked if the Gracias Choir could sing in a morning broadcast. The TV broadcast wanted the Choir to sing and to introduce the Cantata that was to take place on the same day. So the Gracias Choir members sang on air in the morning and introduced the Cantata and the Choir.” – Sister Soo Jung Park


On the day of the Seattle Cantata, the Gracias Choir participated in King5’s New Day program of Seattle’s local NBC broadcast. NBC Seattle’s King 5 is a broadcast with high view rates. The Gracias Choir sang two songs and Pastor Terry was also interviewed. God allowed us to promote the Cantata to many people. Moreover, the Producer that invited us was moved saying their voices were like that of angels and that he should be informed when they come back next year.

<Link to the clip with Gracias Choir on air>





The curtains opened for the beginning of Seattle’s first Cantata. The birth of Jesus was like rain after drought in the hearts of the citizens of Seattle and the 2300 people accepted Jesus in their hearts.


“I felt very good the whole time I was listening to the songs. The singers’ range was high and clear. The testimony of the person who was bitten by the scorpion was new. No hospital could ever heal him but the pastor in Korea gave him the Words of Isaiah ‘But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.’ He accepted those Words and he gained new strength as the Words said. And the pastor said that our sins have been redeemed eternally through the blood of Jesus. It was a very meaningful part. He said that if I accepted those Words then the Holy Spirit is nowhere else but here (pointing to one’s heart). Nowhere else but in my heart.” – Mr. & Mrs. Steward (Sherry and Larry)


“It was really amazing and fun. The 3rd stage was the best. The most astonishing and impressive part is that they sang of God. It’s the first time ever to see an astonishing choir among any of the choirs I’ve seen so far. I actually thought, ‘Would I ever be able to see such a good performance, ever in my life?’ As I hear the pastor’s words, I could feel God. The story of the missionary who was bitten by a scorpion was most impressive. I thought it was wonderful and a miracle that God gave him strength and he was healed by it. I think Christmas is hope to me. There is hope in all of this performance. Even in the 1st stage, I think it was hope that Jesus had nowhere to be born but there was a shabby and dirty manger. It was also hope in the 2nd stage where the family members were able to check their hearts, and also a message of hope is delivered in the 3rd stage where they praise God.” – Jennifer


“I’m so thankful that God gave me a chance to listen to such music. I liked the 1st and 3rd stage that well-expressed the Bible. Wouldn’t it (the true meaning of Christmas) be to accept that Jesus came to this earth to give us redemption?” – Ida


We could see that the people who came to see the Christmas Cantata were usually a pair or a whole family. The meaning of family, the true meaning of Jesus inside, and freedom from sins that was long forgotten in the busy lived of Seattle citizens were learnt. Tonight will be sleepless in Seattle from all the stories of the Christmas Cantata.

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