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(Swaziland) Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir Appear on National Broadcast SwaziTV

On September 10th(Thu), 7:30am, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of the International Youth Fellowship(IYF), and the Gracias Choir were introduced live on national broadcast, SwaziTV for 17 minutes. The proposal came from SwaziTV with the recent spotlight as a mind lecturer leading the youths of the world.


Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Choir were escorted by police vehicle early in the morning and arrived in downtown Mbabane where SwaziTV is located. Since the only national broadcast in Swaziland is SwaziTV, receiving a proposal to appear on live broadcast can be seen as a sign of keen interest.



The Gracias Choir and the IYF founder Pastor Ock Soo Park having stepped into the broadcasting studio at 7:30am, introduced themselves by guidance of the host and afterwards, appreciated the first song by the Choir.

The broadcasting host listened to one song, cheerfully following along the gestures. He expressed his amazement with the Choir’s music and gave unstinted praise.



Afterwards, the host asked Pastor Ock Soo Park about what kind of mind lecture he was carrying out in Swaziland. Pastor Ock Soo Park first answered, “I am a pastor.” Then he said he had realized that sins are not washed away by diligently going to church. Instead, such efforts brought about more sins and skepticism regarding spiritual life. However, as he read the bible about ten times, he discovered that sins are not resolved by oneself. But by the contribution of the cross of Jesus, all his sins have been washed clean.


The broadcasting host also asked about what the mind lecture was and its influence on society. Pastor Ock Soo Park answered that to cure Malaria, one needs to understand how the Malaria virus enters the body and prevent the mosquito. Likewise, new strength enters the heart of youths and brings about change when they pinpoint their inability to overcome gambling, drugs, or games and listen to what Jesus says. He also explained the need for the mind lecture and expressed his hopes for Swaziland to receive the blessing of God.


The contents of this interview were broadcasted live throughout Swaziland for 17 minutes.

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