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(Thailand) The Global Leaders of the Future, With the Mind of the IYF

The Education Leaders Forum that was held during the 2015 World Camp in Thailand was held to ensure co-operation between the IYF and leaders of each respective nation. The World Christian Leaders Workshop on the last day of the World Camp was attended by 17 local pastors of the churches in Thailand, where they shared the Word with Pastor Ocksoo Park. Pastor Ocksoo Park spoke, in detail, about the process in which our sins were fully cleansed by the blood of Jesus, further explaining what the Bible says about the forgiveness of sin. The pastors who had attended paid very close attention to the Word, asking questions where they did not understand.



In the closing ceremony, the Original Sound Tracks of the Korean dramas, ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and ‘You, Who are From a Star’, sang by Rio Montaña, began to heat up the atmosphere. Furthermore, there were performances from the Righteous Stars, whose smiles were mesmerising, and a traditional Russian dance called the, ‘Kallinka’.




After the ceremonial message from the Vice Chancellor of Thammasat University and the Vice Governor of Ppattum Thani, the IYF delivered a shield of appreciation to the Vice Chancellor of Thammasat University.


The play of the true story of Daechul Jung, from the Good News Corps in Liberia, outlined the change in his heart while witnessing his colleague, John Choi, winning against the poison from the scorpion through the power of the Word.



The last stage from the Gracias Music School was a Christmas performance.


At the closing ceremony of World Camp, Pastor Ocksoo Park continued to preach about the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.

“Imagine how heart-breaking it must have been for the father if he had seen his son, who was starving in a pig sty. When the son had returned to the father, the father embraced all of the son’s weaknesses with love. Everyone, a person of the IYF is a person who opens his hearts to everyone. If our hearts flow like a wire between you and your parents, friends and Jesus, who had died on the cross for our sins, you will be able to live such a happy and blessed life. I do not have even the slightest doubt that the leaders, who will lead the world in the next 20 years, will be those who have the mind of the IYF.”



Through the various programs all over the world held by the IYF such as the World Camp and the Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers, we are changing the lives of young people in the world. The students, who attend the World Camps, learn about the world of the heart that appears in the Bible and find true happiness and peace through Jesus Christ. IYF Thailand is preparing to dispatch 200 Good News Corps volunteers this year. The young people of the IYF will develop into the leaders of the world, with their strong minds and wisdom.

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