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The Beautiful Challenge of the Haitian Volunteer (June 22, 2012)

If we made the analogy that the haitian students were like flowers, undoubtebly the 54 haitian volunteers (25 translators, 29 dancers) were the flower pedestals. These 11th class Good News Corps volunteers were recruited by performing the righteous dances at a high school nearby the church. 120 students applied to volunteer in a rigorous and competitve process. As a result 54 students were selected and sadly the remaining students were rejected as they showed a strong interest in the program. The volunteers danced with smiles in a scorching 37 degree weather, and were applauded and praised by the students.

We interviewed two volunteers: Simon Wilbens(18, dance volunteer ) and Donatin Jean Moise (25, translator volunteer).

-What made you volunteer for the IYF Haiti engoish camp and what kind of volunteer work did you do? I live the IYF, because I have a newfound strength after meeting this organization. I volunteered because I wanted to learn the heart to sacrifice for others. I am leading the song and dance sessions here. We begin with demonstrating the dances, and then walk through motion by motion. The dances we covered are: Koya, Buremo, Buleria, Under the Sea, and Umoja. -What did you take away from the workshops before the english camp began? Since I was in charge of the dances I practiced them with the other volunteers. Afterwards we would gather and listen to the word of God. I did not know that my heart became dirty and filthy when sin entered into the world, however I came to realize this fact this time. I became a clean justified person because Jesus came to the world for my sin, and entered into my heart. -What is unique about the IYF? IYF has change. I have changed in my heart and while working together I have learned to think deeper about many things. I lived hopelessly after my parents passed away and I had no tuition for school. Every day I thought what am I going to do with my life. After meeting IYF, I always have a smile on my face, and I have courage to overcome my limitations. -Final thoughts I want to thank the missionaries and volunteers for spending their time here from the bottom of my heart. I plan on working with the IYF going forward.

<Donatin Jean Moise>

-What made you volunteer for the IYF Haiti english camp?

I received salvation after listenibg to the word of God. I had the heart to volunteer for the english camp after receiving salvation. I served as a french to englisg translator and assisted with the learnig programs for the students.

-What did you learn fron the workshops before the english camp?

I have a global family after participating in the world camp. I discovered the truth by listening to the word of God. I also discovered that I have been justified through the blood of Jesus.

-What makes IYF unique?

IYF has taught me the following things: sharing love for others, throwing myself away, and having hope in my heart. Above anything else IYF teaches everyone how to accept Jesus in their heart, which makes IYF very special.

-Final Thoughts

I am excited that I had this opportunity to work with the IYF. I am also happy that I have a new family who I can share my love and experiences with. More than anything else I want to thank God who made this all possible, and I want to extend my gratitude to all of the volunteers who travelled here and gave their time. This is the first time I became a teacher as I had to lead many students in this English camp. I also was able to break through my limitations as I lived with the foreign volunteers. I was able to personally experience the work of God with people of different nationalities while feeling like one family. I also take with me the heart to challenge my obstacles which is the IYF mentality.

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