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The work of the gospel which is emerging in Brooklyn!

The work of the gospel which is emerging in Brooklyn! Just like a new sprout which stretches itself in the springtime sun, in Brooklyn, New York the sprout of the gospel is emerging. The short term missionaries who have stayed here for a month received the word, “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you.” As we walk with God who has promised us this word, we have placed our footsteps all over New York.

Every Wensday the short term missionaries visit a nursing home. We are able to spend time together with lonely and sick elderly men and women by sharing the word and singing praises. Each of the member’s voices were different from each other just as their hearts were, however God united our hearts together and so we were able to create a praise more beautiful than hymns. Not only that, but the Lord who is with us opened the ears and hearts of each and every individual who listened to our songs, so that we were able to see them rejoice.

Eighty short term missionaries wearing blue t-shirts, along with pastors and pastor’s wives have started witnessing every morning at 9 A.M for the Bible Crusade that will take place in Brooklyn on the 11th of April. We divide into pairs and goups and travel all around Brooklyn. The short terms go witnessing from door to door, and also hold exhibitions. Many people are beginning to come in contact with the gospel and news about the Bible Crusade through this. Though we have lackings such as weak English skills and poor knowledge on the Bible when preaching the gospel, however through people like us many people are receiving salvation and having fellowship of the heart. Now, six new people are attending our church in Brooklyn.

Amongst this busy time, on the 19th of March the short terms were able to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and have an enjoyable time. The short terms wore a blue shirt that says “Are you free from sin?” When they crossed the ocean, many citizens of New York gained interest in the Bible Crusade. Although it was a short time, when they saw the beautiful sight of New York they were able to make it into a precious memory. When the short term missionaries look at themselves individually they are so lacking and weak, however the God who fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish has already blessed us and made us full so that when we see him leading us we are full of gratitude and hope. We are anxious to see what sort of testimonies God will give us through the Bible Crusade in Brooklyn this April.

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