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Updates from the 10th class GoodNews Corps Oversea Volunteers

New York, U.S.A

Prior to the World Camp which will take place in August, about 80 GNC volunteers have come to Brooklyn, the most populated neighborhood in New York, since the beginning of March to preach the Gospel. Not only that, every Wednesdays, they‘d visit nursing homes or universities to preach the Gospel; they also have held a bible seminar for Hispanics.

“When I first got to the U.S. for the first time in my life and preached the Gospel, I was actually surprised. Unlike the conception I had on the Americans (thought they would be arrogant), they welcomed us with warmth. When we introduced them about the bible seminar, they showed a lot of interest.” (Son Seung Yeon, 10th Class)

“Even though it only has been a month since I got here in the U.S.A, a new standard of happiness has replaced my old standard. Also the thoughts and methods I used to have started to change a little by little. I am very excited for the new life that awaits me.” (Choi Ji Na, 10th Class)

Dima Pur, India

In 2010, 5 of the 9th Class GoodNews Corps were dispatched to Dima Pur church for the first time. Regardless of its official languages – English and Hindi, many people only speak their tribal languages, making communications difficult. Yet, if you meet them (those people with a humble heart), you will become friends to share hearts forever.

3 10th Class GNC members, arrived on the last March, go to neighboring villages whenever they find some time. They would preach the Gospel and learn not only English but the tribal languages also. They are busily preparing for the World Camp in May.

“When I first arrived in Calcutta, India, I regretted for coming here because then I only saw trash covered streets, baggers, and recklessly driving cars. But as I met native friends and communicated with them little by little, I could only open my hearts toward their kindness. Life in here could get uncomfortable sometimes, but I am hopefully to meet many people and share hearts with them.” (Jun Bo Bae, 10th Class)

Nairobi, Kenya

IYF Kenya branch is busy to prepare for the Kisumu World Camp and Mombasa World Camp (takes place from April 12trh for 2 weeks). In each universities, the 10th class GNC and Kenyan volunteers are promoting for the world camps together.

Right now, 17 GNC volunteers are dispatched, for 2 weeks, to different areas of Kenya to experience its traditional foods and culture as they stay with the natives. When they come back to the headquarter, they will be dispatched again for 3 months to Kisumu, Mombasa, and other cities to hold computer, Taekwondo, and Korean classes. Especially those who will be dispatched to Migori will have Children’s bible school, and the volunteers dispatched to Nairobi will learn and volunteer in various fields such as reporting, editing, and writing news in GBS broadcasting station.

“It’s quite difficult to get used to environment in Kenya yet, but I would like to open my heart to my second hometown Kenya and volunteers for Kenyan with love.” (Kim Ho, 10th Class)

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