[US] I Am the Luckiest Person Tonight

Washington D.C. a city with highest personal income in United States. On October 12th, there was a <Christmas Cantata> performance in Washington Eagle Bank Arena. Washington D.C. is one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, just like Gangnam of Korea where the education level is high and the people are conservative.

Pastor Kim Sang Yeol, wanted the citizens of Washington D.C. to encounter the glory of God through the <Christmas Cantata> performance, and had faith that God will allow His grace so that the audience may hear the gospel. The <Christmas Cantata> was held at Washington D.C. Eagle Bank Arena on October 12th.

The deputy ambassador of Jamaica Marsha Coor-Lobban commented with tears in her eyes, ‘I saw a magnificent performance tonight.’ She said she often listens to classical music, and that the Handel’s music of the third act was the most impressive performance.

“The second stage was also great. The story was very beautiful. The song, acting, dance, everything was well-organized. The opera in first act, musical in second, and the choir performance in the third act, it is difficult to even perform one thing properly. However, it is amazing to see so many different performances in one place. Today, I was the luckiest person. The pastor’s sermon and the testimony of Choi Yohan who was stung by a scorpion connected with the gospel of Jesus. Even though it was very short, it was easy to understand. I can say that I am also righteous and holy in front of God. Tonight I am going to Boston. I hope God will watch over me during the journey and I wish that I can meet the Gracias Choir in Jamaica very soon!”

Professor Jung Yoo Seon of George Mason University believes in miracles in our life after she overcame cerebral palsy. She is a well-known person in Washington, and tonight she stood in line with her daughter and friends for the <Christmas Cantata> filled with excitement. After the performance was over, she said, “Thank you for inviting me to this great performance. The story of Choi Yohan who overcame the poison of the scorpion and the fact how Jesus redeemed us eternally touched my heart deeply.” She had the happiest night in her life with her daughter.

“The Christmas Cantata is so beautiful. My friend introduced me to this performance, and the story of Anna in the second act was very interesting. It was so pretty! I would love to see the performance again next year!” – Sabrina

“My granddaughter brought me here, and I think I will never forget this night. <Silent Night, Holy Night> gave me peace like heaven and <God Bless America> gave me tears. This performance deeply moved me and it was so exciting!” – Cathy Gregory

<Christmas Cantata> performance deeply touched the hearts of the citizens of Washington D.C., and left behind an unforgettable memory for everyone. After the performance, some people even gave us a hug saying, ‘I am righteous!’, ‘My sins have been washed eternally!’ The Christmas Cantata gave true joy and peace to the hearts of people and we hope for great works of gospel in Washington D.C. There are two more performances left, in Boston and New Jersey. The tour is heading to the end, but the Gracias Choir is still performing like it’s their first performance.

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