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[US] The Time to Sow the Seeds of Gospel

A four-day Scripture Festival and general church invitation assembly from the 22nd to the 25th of March


From the 22nd to the 25th of March, a bible seminar opened at the ‘Jesus Mi Amor Church’ in Queens, New York with Pastor Young Guk Park as guest lecturer.

The Head Pastor of Jesus Mi Amor Church, Leopoldo Argañares, who invited us read the book of Pastor Ock Soo Park “The Secret of Forgiveness and Being Born Again” two years ago and after having realized the gospel he attended the bible seminar in Bronx a month ago with guest speaker Young Guk Park.

Pastor Leo, after being deeply touched by the Words, strongly wished to hold a bible seminar in his church by inviting the Good News Mission.

Pastor Leo who thought his church brothers and sisters and many other pastor need to know this truth promoted the bible seminar through radio, contacted other pastors, and prepared it with all his heart after it was confirmed to be held in March.




Throughout the 4 days of the seminar, people opened their hearts through the music performance and listened sincerely with an open heart.

This bible seminar’s guest speaker, Pastor Young Guk Park of Good News New York Church delivered the precise Words of repentance and the gospel through the Scriptures in John chapter 11. He explained the hearts of Mary and Martha who loved Jesus but also believed in their own thoughts and, the participants should also throw away their thought and accept the fact that Jesus has made us righteous and holy.






“I’m really hoping that another such seminar takes place here again soon. During the seminar, I hope many pastors as well as people living a bounded life attend because salvation comes from redemption of sins.

If redemption of sins is not made, salvation can never happen. If someone thinks that they have sin, they have not received salvation. Many people think themselves to be sinners, continue to live a life of condemnation, and then commit sin two, three hours later again and condemn themselves again. This is the same as Satan trapping us inside a vicious cycle of condemnation. If you come here however, you will discover that we are actually free. What I would really ask is that such seminar continues endlessly throughout the entire city of New York.

Also, I want to become a family of the Good News Mission. I am not born or raised in this mission but I would like to be made foster-child. I feel great respect and love towards the Good News Mission.” – Queens, New York / Pastor Leopoldo Argañares

(3/26) From this church to the other church! The wave of the Gospel continually spreading

Pastor David Paredes’ couple were connected to us in a region called Queens as we were preparing for the World Christian Leader’s Forum in Dallas. Although they were unable to participate in the forum their whole family came to see the Christmas Cantata of the Gracias Choir and they opened their hearts wide to our mission. Afterwards, they invited Pastor Song Chunghwan from the Manhattan Church and Pastor Young Guk Park from the New York Church and they began to be mesmerized by the word of our mission.

On the day of the Easter Concert in New Jersey, Pastor David said that his father in law was ministering in New Jersey and that he wanted to introduce him to us. So with his father in law he came to the concert venue. William Flores, who is the father in law of Pastor David stayed until the end of the performance and personally invited Pastor Young Guk Park to his church.


March 23rd, Saturday, Pastor Young Guk Park and others visited the Evangel Hispanic Church where Pastor William was ministering. Pastor William greeted pleasantly those who arrived.

Hearing Pastor William say that he ‘always wants to let the true servant of God preach in his Church,’ we could feel that God has led us to this meeting.


Finally, the time has arrived. Beginning with the soloist performance by chief soloist of the Gracias Choir, it was followed by the flutist Ha Jueun, violinist Jang Hyelim, and the final performance was duet of soloists Park Jinyoung and Choi Hyemi. The audience who filled the chapel listened attentively to the music and each time the song came to an end they responded with huge cheers and applause. Seeing people be amazed and awe-stricken by the music we could see that one by one they were opening their hearts toward us.


The performance of the choir was followed by the words of Pastor Young Guk Park. Pastor Park explained that the reason why the two disciples heading towards Emmaus were in sadness was not because Jesus died on the cross, but rather because they were unable to believe in his word. And likewise what God wants from is not to believe in the circumstances but believing in the word. Also by comparing the tabernacle in heaven and on earth he explained how Jesus did not sprinkle his blood in the tabernacle on earth which is restricted by time, but how he sprinkled his blood in the eternal tabernacle of heaven so that we could be eternally clean, righteous and holy.


The people who were attentively listening to the word, from time to time during the sermon clapped and shouted ‘Amen!’ as they were able to let go of their thoughts through the word and experienced their hearts being connected to God. Pastor William Flores who took the microphone right after the sermon said “I am very grateful to see that in this Easter Week we can accept in our hearts the fact that we have received eternal redemption and became clean, righteous and holy forever through Jesus’ victory over death.”


Pastor Flores said that he would like to introduce many other pastors whom he knew and he requested that the choir and Pastor Young Guk Park to visit his church continually.

Currently through the invitational Bible Conferences of the established churches, happening through the grace of God, the amazing Gospel is being preached to those who go to church but continually are in conflict due to their sins.

Now in New York things we could not have imagined before is happening, and the faith that the servant of God had is becoming a challenge for many other ministers as well.

And we know that the New Year’s word and God’s promise of 500 churches is being accomplished right now.

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