[US] World Culture Camp, Heartbeat of New York

Over 20 academy activities gain popularity…Only camp in the world to learn mind!

As Paul cries out to the gospel in Rome, the precious gospel is spoken out in New York, the center of today’s world.

New York, which is full of skyscrapers, diverse information, and leading global culture and economy, is glamorous. New York seems to be peaceful, but it resembles General Naaman because of the pain hidden behind the peace and splendor created by humans.

Our voice are like the little maid servant and the servants of General Naaman, but God is with us so the work of the true birth of Jesus in people’s hearts has been allowed.

Here, where the New York World Cultural Camp was held, future leaders who will lead the next generation gathered together.

They were various students of different background, but they were more energetic and cheerful than any other city.

There were about 1500 students attending the New York World Culture Camp in 2017 this year.

This New York camp was held in two places: Mahanaim and Upper Room Christian World Center. In the morning, there was academy session, special guest lecture, and mind lecture. In the afternoon, there was a 5km marathon, Gracias Choir concert, mind lecture and Easter Cantata.

20 specialized and diverse academies, popular with the students

The New York World Camp had a variety of academy activities ready for students. In particular, it is popular because it invites external professional instructors to provide students with more practical and efficient information and learning opportunities. The academy had a total of more than 20 spaces inside and outside the Mahanaim building. There were classes such as cooking, basketball, pilates, illustration, hair styling, voice, acting, Kpop/hiphop dance, makeup, health, profession, jujitsu (Japanese martial arts), Muay Thai, latte art, yoga, Taekwondo, kickboxing, handmade, and Korean culture. The academy activities, which take place one hour after the morning gospel class and breakfast, were so popular that they could be called the perks of New York World Camp.

The special guest lecture was a chance to listen to the minds of people who live for others than oneself.

Kevin Briggs, who spent the past 23 years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge to talk to people trying to commit suicide, and Ryan Hreljac, who is helping many people through a well-drilling campaign in Africa, gave a speech during the special guest lecture.

5km marathon encourages ‘cooperation’ through class competition

One of IYF Camp’s representative programs is the ‘Marathon’ in which students challenges their limits.

The place where the marathon was held is a park next to the beach, where there is abundant tree shade and possible to run during the day. This year’s New York World Camp marathon was a new attempt to compete from a personal competitive manner to team members’ level. It is not individuals but team members that run together to the finish line.

The faces of the students panted their breath before the finishing line, but their faces were full of smiles. There were moments they wanted to give up, but with the help of friends, they were able to overcome their limitations and connect their hearts.

After the run, the participants gathered under the shade of a tree and listened to the message delivered by Paraguayan missionary, Lee-yong Han.

Performances of Gracias Choir that calms the mind

The music of the Gracias Choir was both the beginning and the end of the day and the calmed our minds. A variety of Gracias Choir performances including Tenor Julio Gonzales and Soprano Park Jin Young’s duet song, the cello’ s rich tone of Park Hyun Sook ‘s cello solo, Yoon Dae-hyun’s marimba solo <La La’s Tango by Dr. Ziva>, etc. helped settle the hearts of the participants.

Pastor Ock Soo Park, “In the Bible, there is a way out of evil spirits”

Pastor Ock Soo Park gave lectures to the students throughout this World Cultural Camp for a total of eight hours.

Whether it is Africa, Asia, South America, or anywhere else in this world, God gives the new life of Jesus to the youths through the IYF and works in New York as He changes their lives.

As electricity flows through wire and water flows through pipes, when hearts are connected to one another, God’s power, wisdom, and works appear to bring us out of the thoughts and the chains of sin of the evil spirits that are about to destroy us.

Two hearts are fighting in us; the thoughts of the evil spirits and my heart are fighting, but we cannot win that fight alone. Pastor Park emphasized that we should ‘look to Jesus.’

“When you have no way, Jesus will be your way. Look for Jesus. Join your hearts with Him.”

There is hope before God, who opens the minds of students with various academies and beautiful music, His wisdom enters into the students’ minds and dissolves many thoughts, and establishes God in their hearts. New York World Camp continued until the 24th.





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