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(USA Houston) ‘God’s First Love’

The Last Performance in Texas at Huston!

It has reached the 11th day since the start of the tour. The Gracias Choir arrived in the last city in Texas, Huston. The name ‘Houston’ originates from the name Sam Huston who played a major role in the history of Texas. Once you escape from the heart of the city you will be able to see the statue of Sam Houston, who looks ready to fight for Texas Independence at any given time.

The View Of Houston City

The Sam Houston Statue, Which is Just Outside the Heart of the City

Houston, which is a representative of oil supply in America, is also home to many fuel companies’ headquarters. It is often called the “World Capital of Energy” and it holds the second most amounts of big company headquarters in USA after New York. In the south of Houston there is the world’s largest medical building called the ‘Texas Medical Center’. The hospital is world renown as is the MD Anderson Cancer Centre which both attracts many foreign people.

 MD Anderson Cancer Center

In Downtown Houston, there are not many people walking around. This is because; underground there is a separate ‘Downtown’ and road. The road underground links building to building and because the underground ‘Downtown’ is more accessible, more of the citizens opt to use the underground ‘Downtown’.

The Streets Without Many people

Differently from the morning when it was raining hard and was windy, the afternoon brought a brighter, a more clear weather. In order to watch the Christmas Cantata, many citizens dressed up in their finest clothes before arriving in the hall. 2650 of Houston’s citizens were waiting for the performance to start inside a packed ‘Hobby Center for the Performing Arts’.

The Venue for the Houston Christmas Cantata, ‘The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts’

The Sculpture Outside the Venue

 The Houston Citizens Who Filled The Hobby Center

For King Herod! The Wise Man From the East, Congratulating the Birth of Jesus Mary, Who is Happy of Jesus’ Birth

Anna’s Family Inside the Christmas Miracle

Silent Night, Holy Night…

The audience could not leave easily even after the performance. They would either enter their raffle tickets, donate money to support Gracias Choir, buy the Choir’s CD or books to satisfy their disappointment of the performance ending.

Terry, Jacklyn, Debby, Bob

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! It was such a fantastic performance. I heard that there was a performance last year as well and it is such a shame I wasn’t able to see it. To do such a performance for us Americans… Thank you so much..! So many people have to come and watch this performance!” -Terry, Jacklyn, Debby, Bob

The Hollis Family

“As I was waiting for my car after shopping in Walmart, a female student came and gave me a few tickets. Throughout the whole performance, I cried and I laughed. It was too good! In fact the second stage where Anna came out was my favourite. When she said, “Dad, I hate you! I want you to disappear!”, I couldn’t help but cry. Later on, when she discovered the love of her father I was so happy. From start to finish, it was such a lovely Cantata! Next year I am going to bring more people so please come back!!” -The Hollis Family

Couple Athean & Adgar

“I am a professor at university and one student came to my office and introduced me to the Cantata, which sounded like a pretty good performance. So, I also helped to advertise to the students. (Laughter) Today’s performance, to the subtlest detail, was very professional. I was so happy to be able to see the Cantata. The message from pastor that I heard along with the good music also touched me. I am so joyful, thanks to Jesus who died for us, and I think I will now be able to live in hope.” -Couple Athean & Adgar

Moises & Eli

“We came from a big Spanish broadcasting company ‘MJWJ’ of Houston. I was invited to the Cantata through the Pastor and I am so happy I received that invitation. The performance, I liked from the first to the third stage but, I enjoyed the Pastor’s message the most. It was simple and clear. I had the heart that this is exactly what God wants to give us. I want to introduce the Cantata and Gracias Choir to our radio program and let our listeners hear their beautiful music!” -Moises & Eli

Houston Citizens, Focusing On the Word

God loves us so much; so, He sent Jesus to this land and is doing many things for us, although most of us don’t know this. “This is not just something that I am saying to you. It is the Word of God towards you! You have been cleansed and you are righteous!” Pastor Young Kook Park of Good News New York church delivered the message powerfully. Just like the nine cities previously visited, Houston’s citizens met the Word with applause and a warm reaction. “Thank you God!! Amen!!!”

The citizens of Houston have received God’s first love which is something that He wanted to give the most. It is a joyful and comforting love that bears no problems with fault. This love will continue to New Orleans.

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