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[USA Oklahoma City] The New Strength and New Life of the Oklahoma City People

오클라호마시티의 첫 크리스마스 칸타타를 기뻐하신 하나님이 준비해두신 시빅 센터 뮤직 홀 Civic Center Music Hall

At 5pm on the 10th of October, there was a Christian Leaders’ Meeting in the Performer’s Lounge located in the basement of the Civic Center Music Hall.

저는 예수님의 피로 의롭습니다.프랭크 윌리 Frank Wiley

Pastor Frank Wiley was delighted and said, “Jesus has washed away our sins and made everyone here unite as one.”

“Missionary Shi Hyung Park first came to our church to tell us that he wanted to have a Christian Leaders’ Meeting. God allowed me to accept Missionary Park. The Word of Pastor Ock Soo Park today was marvelous. He said that Jesus Christ had died on the cross and shed his blood to wash away our sins and sanctify us. The Word of God that Pastor had preached today united us together. I am so thankful that I am righteous by Jesus Christ.”

여러분, 하나님과 연결되십시오. 하나님이 살아서 일하십니다

Pastor Ock Soo Park expressed the relationship between us and God as the relationship between the ‘earth’ and ‘light’.

이곳에 초대해주셔서 감사합니다. 토마스 말베리 Thomas Marberry

Pastor Thomas Marberry exclaimed, “I was inspired by the Word of Pastor Ock Soo Park!”

“More than anything, today, I was able to learn precisely about the organization called the IYF. I was inspired by the sermon that I heard today. He clearly said that I had become righteous, not according to my own actions but by the blood of Jesus Christ. I do not know much about the Christmas Cantata because it is my first time here, but I believe that it will be the world’s best performance because Gracias Choir is a world-class choir. I also look forward to it because I like music”

국제 전화는 너무 비싸기 때문에 금방 끊어야 했습니다(하하)

During the message in the Christmas Cantata, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about how our hearts had to connect to God.

“In the show, they say that they do not need 20 dollars nor an airplane, nor electricity, nor trains, but all they want is to spend the Christmas Cantata with their father. Likewise, God wants to connect our hearts to him. God is saying to us, “You are sanctified! You are holy! You are washed!” When we accept that heart, that is the moment when our hearts are connected as one with God. Even if someone says to me, ‘Hey, you are not righteous!’ if God says that I am righteous, then I am. Folks of Oklahoma City, we want to have this performance here once again, next year. When you accept God into your hearts, that is when the true Christmas enters your heart. Merry Christmas!”

가족과 함께 공연을 즐기러 온 조셉 Joseph 목사 ( 맨 왼쪽이 조셉Joseph)

Pastor Joseph, who said that the ‘Hallelujah’ of the third act was the best, said that the message of Jesus was delivered powerfully, and that Jesus had been born on this Earth for us. Pastor Joseph was disappointed that he could not be invited to the Christian Leader’s Meeting. He said, “Next year, I want to attend the Christian Leaders’ meeting as well.”

“Although humans’ actions may continue, as Jesus came to this land and past away for us, our own actions were finished. The first meaning of Christmas to me is his coming to this land and the second one is that he came for our souls”

딸과 함께 공연을 보러 온 샤론 Sharon 씨

Sharon, who said that the Christmas performance was fun and full of joy, said that the Word of the Pastor was especially powerful. “Pastor is the one who came to Oklahoma City to deliver the true meaning of Jesus Christ!”

Sharon, who mentioned that the scene of the birth of Jesus was the most touching, said that it was an unforgettable Christmas and thanked everyone for inviting her to the performance.

2,300명의 오클라호마시티 시민들이 크리스마스 칸타타를 기다리는 중

The fire of the Gospel is spreading all across the land of America and one by one, the hearts of the people are being filled by the love of Jesus. Tomorrow is the day where two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, will be held in San Antonio.

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