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[Vietnam Hanoi]The Bible seminar which began with the grace of God.

Year 2011 is the 100th year since the gospel entered Vietnam. However, due to the Communism, the people have greater faith in Buddhism and ancestors than the Christianity.

Even though they seem to listen to the others well, they don’t tend to accept well because they believe in themselves. Hence, there are many occasions where they deceive others not to be inflicted a loss.

Also, they are the people, who think death is the end of everything, and make the others unable to have a social life if they serve the gospel.

Despite of the presence of such big Goliath, Missionary Nam Jin hyang and the Vietnamese brothers and sisters prepared for the seminar little by little by having fasting prayer service and meetings on a small scale.

From 7th of March, 3 days and 4 nights, meetings were held with missionary Kim hak chul at MBA centre in Hanoi. From 2PM in the afternoon to 5PM, from 6pm to 9pm in the evening, meetings were held twice and another seminar was held particularly for the Korean in the morning.

Due to the probable reason in which it was the first day, the atmosphere was awkward and it was hard to be focused, but as time went by, it could be seen that the people soaked in to the word and opened their hearts.

The ‘woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up’ was able to be relieved from the disease upon meeting Jesus in Luke chapter 13 verses 10.

As nothing but the power of the Lord alone was able to give her a new life and heal her of the disease, as the word which said the Lord wants us to live a new life was being heard, a thankful heart towards the Lord who had made us to live inside the power, mercy and compassion of the Lord.

Consecutively, a subject about believing in God wholly was preached. Thus was spoken that if the word has been established in the heart, the word will actively work and the word shall not disappear from the heart. As it was shown that was the miracle which can be established in the heart, and truly that had been established within the world of the heart and a peace was able to be felt.

Also, by means of the word, we who are only capable to look at the things of the world had been shown. On meeting with Bartimaeus in Mark chapter 10, it could be clearly shown that the heart to rely and expect on humanistic things is exactly same as a begging beggar.

A great shock was delivered to the brethren, and it was shown that the world of our hearts is dirty and struggling. As people realized that living a life while not seeing things that are supposed to be seen is exactly same as a pig stamping down pearls, they had a heart to ask for grace before God, and as the testimonies of the missionary was heard, we had hope on God who would also be working in us.

Faith was poured on us who are truly arrogant and difficult through the servant of God. As it was shown that living with our own hearts is the most evil thing before God, testimonies about receiving the brethren with the heart and testimony of a brother whom he didn’t want to have any deals with and wished that he doesn’t come to church anymore, but many people received salvation through him, As the heart of God which cannot be described with any adjectives was seen, we realized that we cannot be arrogant before His heart.

Also, we think what seems to be good and beautiful in our hearts is what God is delight in, but as the word was heard during the seminar, it could be felt once again that anything but what come out from God cannot make us happy and joyful.

While the brethren were soaked into the word, new comers also have opened their hearts towards the worked. A person said that the word was so moving and was so impressed, so that he sent the word to his family through messages, and there were some people who expressed their happy hearts through fellowship that though they have come from a far away, as they listened to the word the tiredness disappeared.

Also, a sister who received salvation in the end of last year invited her family to the seminar. In the process of inviting and witnessing, though Satan inserted many thoughts and difficulties, it could be seen that one by one opened the hearts and were listening to the word.

The reason is that the heart of God was able to be seen in that He wanted to have the world camp in Vietnam. We were able to have faith that we are no longer Abram but Abraham before the work of God.

We are thankful to think about Hanoi church where the work of the gospel and the heart of Jesus would be spread not in our shapes but in the favorable shape of God. Like a small spark giving rise a big fire, the word and confidence were given to the brothers and sisters during the seminar.



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