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[Vietnam] Vietnam Government and IYF Moves Quickly to Sign Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Yo

On March 21st, IYF(Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park) and Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO – Vietnam Government Agency) signed a Framework Agreement (FA) at the reception room of the VUFO, receiving official NGO activity permit. This is implies that the Vietnamese Government has officially approved of the activities of IYF and agreed to carry out activities for youths through mutual cooperation.


The FA defines the support in the issuance of permit for the IYF to carry out activities in Vietnam, issuance of visa for foreigner in charge, exemption of tax and duties etc. needed for activities. The IYF will carry out activities within the approved range of the commitment plan and activity permit. Specialists, technology, goods and services related to youth mind education can be used, take on the burden of expenses arising from related matters, and comply with the rules of Vietnam.



Before the event, there was a time for the representatives of VUFO and IYF to exchange greetings and to briefly introduce the activity plan in Vietnam as well as the mind education.


At the signing of the MOU, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke a few words, “A communist country permitting the activities of the IYF for the first time speaks volumes. As Korea’s economy developed rapidly, many side-effects were produced as well. Among them, the problem of youths is serious. Especially, problems of the mind such as suicide, violence, depression, game addiction etc. are unable to be solved by adults in society.

IYF carried out mind education activities in Philippines for 38,000 teachers last year and, a request has been made by Kenya to carry out mind education for 240,000 teachers. The governments in different nations were able to feel the hearts of the teachers and youths changing through this education, and the results were surprising.

I believe the Vietnamese Government’s permission of IYF activities is a truly wise decision. We plan to carry out mind education project in Vietnam as active as the ones in Philippines and Kenya. Along with this, I hope Korea and Vietnam develops a relationship that is helpful to each other.”


Following this, the VUFO Vice-president expressed his wishes saying, “I also agree to Founder Ock Soo Park’s opinion because youth education is one of the most important matters and we have much interest in it. The center of Vietnam’s development policy is people and, that is the driving force. In order to invest in people, we prioritize policies regarding welfare and education. Because Vietnam is currently a developing country, it is benchmarking a lot of other nations. Vietnam is learning through various successful and failed cases after the model of other nation’s experience and know-how in order to apply the best method. In this policy, the agreement with IYF will become a good opportunity to learn through their experience.

Vietnam has signed agreements with many NGOs until now but it is the first time to sign a Framework Agreement with an NGO and, such agreement with the IYF is a truly an exceptional and special case. Accordingly, we expect the IYF to play a big role and we hope Vietnam develops with the project of the IYF. We will support everything IYF needs in carrying out activities in Vietnam.”



Afterwards, the actual event, which is the FA signing ceremony, was held. As a celebratory performance, the Gracias Music School students began with a violin solo and continued to an acapella performance that was enough to move the hearts of the participants.



The representatives of both sides, Founder of IYF Ock Soo Park and VUFO Vice-president Don Tuan Phong signed the most important FA of this event. Based on this, official activity permit has been awarded to the IYF.




IYF has officially been allowed to carry out youth mind education activities not only in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Min but throughout all of Vietnam, and an even more activity is expected to take place by support of the government.

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