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[Testimony] Orville Pollard Interview

Updated: May 23, 2020

The Bible Crusade was a really turning point of my life. I grew up wanting to have a lot of nice things, nice cars, lots of money and everything. I worked very hard, but I needed more money than what I had. So I decided to sell drugs and hang out in the clubs. One day, my friend told me to see God, but I wasn’t too interested at that moment. So I tried working hard, but nothing worked. The bills just kept piling up. A little after that, I went into bankruptcy. I lost my house, my car, my job and everything. At that moment, I fell into depression. I had it enough with life. I didn’t want to live any more. I just wanted to commit suicide. I wanted to die. Committing suicide is not something you take lightly. I had my family and my children—but, to say that I’m going to commit suicide was very difficult for me. And I was walking down the street, and then I said, “This is it, I’m going to step in front of the car and end it.” So I put my foot out, and at that moment, someone tapped me on my shoulder. And he gave me a flyer to go to Bible Crusade. So I said, “Well, Bible Crusade? Okay, fine.” I thought about it for a minute. Eventually, I decided to go to Bible Crusade. Pastor Ock Soo Park’s word really touched my heart. In Hebrews 10:17 it says, “And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.” All my sins and all my iniquities, all of it was passed over to Jesus. Inside of my heart, I became so free and so light. I was so thankful to God. Looking back at the day I wanted to commit suicide, that person who tapped me on my shoulder, I realized, wasn’t the person, but God. That was God, wanting to save me. To anyone who is going through difficulties and hardships, and can’t really lift their head up, the Bible Crusade is a changing point because it changed me, it changed my life, it took me out from despair; so, God also can take you out of despair. I was really thankful that I met the Bible Crusade.

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