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[Zambia] God Who Prepares Better Things For the Camp Every Year

From the 3rd to the 6th of November, Zambia IYF  held the Christian Leader’s Workshop and 2015 IYF Youth & Leaders Camp at the conference hall in the Livingston Government Hotel. The camp period held this time was when all schools were in the middle of the semester and most schools were in exam period so there was difficulty in inviting students. However, the teachers’ association, which was connected through the mind lecture given by Pastor Ock Soo Park in September at Lusaka, Zambia, sent teachers. The police department also sent police officers and a total of about 200 people were able to attend.


At the Christian Leader’s Workshop carried out in the morning, 20 pastors within Livingston, Zambia attended as the pastor of Good News Matero Church explained in depth about the bible. Especially, Bishop Moses and his wife who are under the church of Bishop Peter who also attended the Christian Leader’s Workshop during the Korean World Camp attended. After listening to the sermon, Bishop Moses said he was thankful to know that salvation had nothing to do with his deeds but only the blood of Jesus. He was happy that he now understood why Senior Bishop (Bishop Peter) had continuously emphasized the gospel preached by the Good News Mission and the mind lecture.



The IYF Youth & Leaders Camp held in the afternoon was attended by students, teachers, different leaders in society, etc. about 200 people. Through academy, mind game, and various performances, the students opened their hearts to the IYF Camp. On the 5th of November, a fire safety education was specially carried out for the students.




Currently, since the electricity situation in Zambia is not good and electricity is cut off for 8 to 12 hours, the people use candles or gas lamps. Therefore, they were alerted awareness that a small mistake or inattention can lead to a great accident and how to deal with cases of fire.

Mind lecturer, Pastor Bernard of Good News Ndola Church gave a lecture on listening, explaining there are different levels in listening and true leaders of this world pay careful attention to what others saying under the mindset that they can be wrong. Pastor of Matero Church, also a mind lecturer, explained that mentoring without a mentor or leader can only crumble down and emphasized to the need for a mentor or leader in the participants’ lives.



Through the mind lecture during the camp period, all the participants learned about the qualities of a true leader, believed that the mind lecture in Zambia was going to bring new change, and wished to continue receiving mind lecture. Also, we were hopeful that God will bring a bright future to Zambia when seeing the people having an open heart towards the gospel and mind taught by the bible.

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