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AUG. 20-23, 2020

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Summer Retreat Schedule

* You can participate in the event through both Zoom and YouTube.

Spiritual life is truly easy

when you know the Bible precisely.

The word is clear and the Lord fulfills the words sincerely. People who live with the heart of God, not of their own heart; the pain of others become their pains; and you will be hearing the words of the pastors whose lives God helps clearly. All you need is listen. While you listen, the gospel will be made sense and you will experience the change of the spirit.

Date :8/20(Thurs.)-8/23(Sun.)

Fee: Free

Live broadcast at:

Language supported in: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Myanmar, Karen, Vietnamese

Contact:  678-770-8822(Eng.)

2020 Summer Retreat

Main Speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park

  • Founder of Good News Mission: 760 active churches in 80 countries across 6 continents

  • Pastor of Good News Gangnam Church

  • Founder of International Youth Fellowship: Educating and activating youth

  • Bestselling author of 70 gospel and self-development publications that have transformed lives

  • Educational innovator pioneering proprietary “mind education” for schools, companies, and churches.

  • Spiritual advisor to national heads of state in South America, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Variety Academy

Academy with a variety of programs ready to go. Various lectures that will bring changes of the Bible and in your spiritual life are awaiting.




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