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The Good News Mission strives to guide people to break free from the sins that darkens their hearts and leads them to live a happy and bright life. We wish to present the happiness found in the Bible to everyone: from little children to the heads of states from all around the world.



The Bible Crusade is a bible conference held in New York City and Los Angeles annually. It first began in 2006 at Madison Square Garden with the simple goal of preaching the Gospel. The founder of Good News Mission, Pastor Ock Soo Park, is the main speaker who preaches of the repentance of origins of human nature and faith in the Word of God which connects heart of man with God. Through the Bible Crusade, the audience may be truly freed from the confines of sin and also receive rest, peace, and changes in their lives.




The Bible seminars are offered either annually or semiannually for residents in various cities across the U.S. for those that wish to learn about the Bible. The guest speakers may be pastors or missionaries from different cities or countries. The audience may have chance at the end to freely discuss any questions from the scripture or problems in their lives.


Good News Mission continues to preach the gospel and instill faith in the Word of God. There are Sunday services, weekly meetings, and free counselings on demand. Contact GNM churches near you to learn more.

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