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“Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” 

Psalm 2:8

“When I began my ministries, there was much hunger, cold, and poverty. I felt that God wanted me to ask Him for my needs, so I would pray, “God, please give me food. Please give me charcoal for heat.” To my surprise, my prayers that would usually start with such requests, changed to prayers like: “God, please allow usto do mission work overseas and start a missionary school. Please let us publish sermon books and allow us to broadcast sermons.” When I would finish praying, I would find myself still kneeling on the cold chapel floor. As I look back, I can testify that God answered every single prayer—even a prayer as small as a mustard seed.”

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Casting off darkness and sin to live  with faith in God’s promises...

Having endured daily anguish, overwhelming temptations, and self-condemnation,  Pastor Park experienced salvation through God’s grace and forgiveness. Subsequently,  God initiated a transformative journey in his life,   one characterized by faith in God’s promises and not being limited by his own qualifications or circumstances.  

Despite the bitter cold, hunger, trials, and persecutions, his heart found peace and hope in God’s promises, inspiring him to walk in faith.

어린시절 클라스 케이스 선교사님과.jpeg

Early Sunday morning on October 7, 1962, I was praying alone in an empty chapel. While I was confessing my sins, people started flooding in. I stopped and continued my confession after everyone left. But t hat morning, the fact that Jesus washed all of my sins on the cross. entered my heart.

In 1958, when Pastor Park was in middle school, he met the first WEC missionary to South Korea, Kays Glass. Missionary Glass asked him, “Are you saved? If you are not saved, how can you lead anyone to sal-vation?” This question challenged Pastor Park’s faith. 

As the years passed, God guided me to live by faith. When I faced a problem, He cut  off all of my humanistic means to solve it. I had no choice but to walk the path of faith, relying only on Him. Amazingly, God resolved my problems every time. Through these  experiences, I started to believe that God was living within me and was leading my life. 


Pastor Park (Middle) During Missionary School, 1963


Pastor Park (Bottom Right) With the Apgok-dong Church Congregation,1964

One day, while reading the Bible, Psalms 2:8 caught my attention: “Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine in-heritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” I realized God wanted to give me something when He  told me to ask of Him. I am delighted when my daughter and son enjoy the clothes or cookies I purchase for them. Likewise, God rejoices when I feel happiness through Him. With God’s heart desiring to give me the uttermost parts of the earth, I embraced His words and started to pray. 

Pastor Park (standing) at the Chapel Dedication Ceremony, Army Communication Training School, 1968


At the time, I had just begun my ministry in Daegu in difficult circumstances. We were hungry, cold, and poor. Only a few people had accepted the gospel. Amidst the few, some had fallen out of fellowship because of trials and temptations. When the small congregation went home after service, I would feel my heart grow weak. I would lock myself in my room and begin to pray before the Lord. At first, I would ask Him for what I needed: “Father God, please give me food; my children are starving. Please give me shoes; my pair  is completely worn out.” However, as the prayer continued, I discovered myself ask-ing for peculiar things. I was confused but I realized it was the Holy Spirit leading my prayers. This happened every time I prayed. 


Vacation Bible School at an Orphanage in Gimcheon, 1971

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Pastor Park Leading the VBS at a Church

박옥수목사 가족.jpeg

Pastor Park’s Family with an American Missionary

“God, please allow us to send missionaries overseas, and begin  a missionary school. Please let us publish books and broadcast  sermons.” When I would finish praying, I was shocked. I thought, “How could I do something like that? This is ridiculous! What a joke!” However, God consistently guided me to pray in this manner, reinforcing my belief that He would work through me accordingly. One day, I spoke of this promise to a few men at church.
“Brothers, don’t lose heart. Although we may seem like nothing  now, soon, we’ll publish books, begin a missionary school, and send missionaries overseas. We’ll broadcast sermons as well.”  As what I said was so distant from our current circumstances, everyone laughed at me. One polite, older church brother told me as if he were consoling me, “It’s good to have big dreams.” 

In 1976, Pastor Park started a missionary school in Daegu, which has since graduated over 5,000 students and trained over 1,500 pastors worldwide. In line with God’s mission to spread the gospel, Pastor Park established the Good News Theology School on September 7, 2020. This online institution aims to nurture pastors and believers from various countries into effective gospel preachers. With courses available in 13 languages, the school has 13,000 enrolled students from 96 countries. Through these online courses, people are equipped to guide those lost in sin, darkness, and despair towards God’s grace and salvation.

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First Class of the Missionary School and Pastor Park in 1976

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Good News Theology School: Cultivating World-Class Pastors

First bible crusade-무궁화집회01.jpeg

The First Bible Crusade in Busan, 1986  

In fulfillment of a dying pastor’s wish, Pastor Park initiated the first  Bible Crusade at Althea Hall of Isabel Girls High School in Busan.  Bible Crusades continue to this day, conducted in major cities  worldwide guiding numerous people to faith.  

“How I Became Free From Sin”

Pastor Park’s sermon series at the Bible Crusade in 1986 was published as a sermon book: “The Secret of the Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again”, later redistributed as “How I Became Free From Sin.” This best-seller has sold over a million copies and has been translated into 24 languages.


Pastor Park at Suwon Correctional Facility

Pastor Park began delivering the gospel to inmates starting from March 1, 1988 at the request of the General Administrator of Suwon Correctional Facility, who had listened to his sermons through the Far East Broadcasting Company.

Consequently,  I often shared this promise with my congrega-tion: “Everyone, God showed me the word that He will give me the heathen for mine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for my possession. According to this promise, we will publish books, broadcast sermons, and establish a missionary school. Churches will be planted in every part  of our nation, and missionaries will be dispatched to every country. God, with all of His power, will fulfill His word.”  From then on, He began to open every door. 

P Park-현재 목회자.jpeg

We began a missionary school, dispatched missionaries worldwide, and planted churches. We broad-casted sermons and distributed books through Good News Mission Publications Inc. God opened every door for ministry in Germany, the U.S., and Japan. He allowed us to establish churches in Russia, China, East Asia, South America, and Africa.

God accomplished everything we had deemed impossible. 

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