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The dreams and promises from the times of cold and hunger brought the gospel to the world...

Hardships, difficulties, and freezing winters defined Pastor Park’s early ministry. Kneeling on the floor of an empty chapel, he prayed for food and coal. Yet, God guided him to a new world of promises.

As God fulfilled His promises, Pastor Park’s ministry blossomed. He established a missionary school and sent missionaries worldwide. He spread the gospel over the air and in print by broadcasting sermons and founding Good News Publications, Inc. Additionally, in 2001, he created the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) for young people, and in 2017, he established the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) to foster global Christian connections. Through Pastor Park and his ministry, God’s will for the gospel to reach the ends of the earth is being fulfilled.


Pastor Park preaching at the Nyayo National Stadium in Kenya, 1994


“The World to Seoul, Good News to the World” 

The success of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, accompanied by the slogan “The World to Seoul, Seoul to the World,” played a pivotal role in loosening South Korean government restrictions on international travel. The following year, passports were issued to citizens aged 45 and above. Pastor Park, who had just turned 45, embarked on his inaugural overseas missionary trip to the United States and Germany. Since then, he has sent ministers to over 100 countries, opening the way for the spread of the gospel to every corner of the world according to God’s will.


Certificate of Religious Registration in Kenya

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GBS TV Station, Kenya

The Kenyan government does not usually grant religious registration to foreign missionary organizations, an important matter that sometimes demands presidential approval. Pastor Park solely relied on God, and in 1996, Good News Mission was miraculously registered, paving the way for missionary work in Africa. With the status of a recognized religious entity, the Mission built a broadcasting station and a college to spread the gospel nationwide.


Pastor Park Preaching at Passover Festival in Uganda, 2018

Starting with the first missionary dispatched to Berlin in 1989, Pastor Park’s missionary school has trained pastors to share the gospel in over 100 countries worldwide. Despite their lack of knowledge of the local languages and absence of personal connections, they unwaveringly rely on God and courageously proclaim the gospel in the midst of adversity. Their endeavors are driven by the firm belief that God sent them, a certainty deeply instilled in their hearts by Pastor Park.

이스라엘 집회.jpeg

Peace Concert in Israel, 2022


Pastors and Missionaries of Good News Mission

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Bible Crusade in Seoul, 2023


The Bible Crusade Across 1200 Cities

Pastor Park started the Bible Crusade to guide people’s hearts from the burden of sin to the light of Christ. Held in 100 countries and 1,200 cities, this conference is writing a new chapter for the gospel in an increasingly secular generation. Pastor Park’s Bible Crusade was held at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2006, followed by the Manhattan Center in 2008. In 2018, he spoke at the Passover Festival in Uganda, sharing the gospel with over 100,000 people at the Mandela National Stadium. 

Online Bible Conference, 2020 


Since 2000, Pastor Park’s Sunday sermons have been broadcasted online, reaching a global audience. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Easter United Service transitioned to an online format. Pastor Park’s three services throughout the day were live-streamed in six languages (English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Korean), attracting 2 million viewers per session. His seminars were then broadcasted on 276 stations, potentially reaching an audience of 1 billion people, providing an opportunity for many to receive the gospel and be born again. 


CLF Conference in Nairobi, Kenya 2023

CLF (Christian Leaders Fellowship) 

Let’s Return to the Bible

Due to divisions caused by doctrinal differences and rapid secularization, Christianity today faces a greater crisis than ever before. In response, Pastor Park founded the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) to promote unity and fellowship based on the Bible in 2017. Pastor Park trusts that when pastors aligntheir hearts with God’s word, they will experience the manifestation of His power

CLF Conference in Busan, S.Korea

CLF Conference in Atlanta, USA 2023

IYF (International Youth Fellowship)


Pastor Park founded the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) in 2001 to deliver hope, inspiration, and faith to youth worldwide. With the motto “Tomorrow About This Time,” IYF began with the change of heart of a young man named Andy. In 1993, Andy’s mother, who lived in Los Angeles, contacted Pastor Park for help when she discovered her son had drugs and a gun. After six months of mentorship, Andy’s heart was totally transformed, and he returned to LA as a completely different person.

The following year, 28 Korean-American students came to Korea for a youth retreat, followed by 58 students the year after. In 2001, IYF was officially incorporated, and with 500 participants, the first IYF World Camp was held in South Korea. It has grown into a global youth organization and international NGO with branches in over 90 countries.

An IYF Volunteer Preaching the Gospel


IYF Students

world camp 2019.jpeg

IYF World Camp in Korea


Discovering the World of the Heart 

Pastor Park’s curriculum, called Mind Education, guides the youth from a life of darkness to light through Biblical wisdom. When China was facing serious youth-related social issues in 2009, the government invited him to deliver a two-day lecture to officials and parents. Afterward, a publishing house proposed to compile his lectures into a book in recognition of the significance of the content. This led to the publication of the first Mind Education book titled, “Navigating the Heart,” followed by a series of books and textbooks. The curriculum promotes deep thinking, the development of discernment, the exercise of self-control over desires, and the improvement of communication skills. Now, Mind Education is implemented globally in schools and correctional facilities, and recognized by several countries as a practical solution for youth-related challenges.

필리핀 마약 자수자 마인드교육.jpeg

Mind Lecture for Drug Rehabilitation in the Philippines, 2019


Mind Lecture for the Youth Alliance in China, 2009



As IYF and Mind Education are presented as an improved alternative for youth character development, Pastor Park has had 61meetings with 41 heads of states in 30 countries.

Throughout six decades of ministry, Pastor Park has encountered countless individuals from different walks of life. He always prior- itizes preaching the gospel, even in meetings with dignitaries. When he shares the gospel, he always remembers God’s reason for orchestrating these meetings: “Who am I that God would allow me to meet the president? Surely God wants me to preach the gospel.”

With the President of Kenya, William Ruto

With the Former President of Benin, Thomas Boni Yayi

8. 2010-02-19_박옥수목사_파라과이 LUGO대통령과의 만남2.jpeg

With the Former President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo


“Music Is Change”

Formed in 2000 under the guidance of Pastor Park, the Gracias Choir passionately expresses their appreciation for the love of Jesus through the enchanting medium of music. With a heartfelt mission to instill gratitude and joy, they bring comfort to those grappling with life’s trials. The Choir believes that the uplifting power of music can give people hope and transform lives.


First Prize at Marktoberdorf Choral Competition in Germany, 2015



“We Bring the Joy to You”

The Gracias Christmas Cantata, the hallmark performance of the Gracias Choir, beautifully embodies the essence of Christmas through its captivating three-act presentation: opera, musical, and concert. Notably, Pastor Park delivers a heartfelt message between Act 2 and Act 3, conveying the true hope and joy that the birth of Jesus Christ brings.

Christmas Cantata, Act I 


Pastor Park has leveraged his 60-year experience of global mission work, counseling, youth development, prison outreach, and gospel evangelism to author over 50 sermon and self-development books. These publications have transformed lives, built faith, and turned into go-to tools for church leaders and educators alike for a deep exploration of spiritual life and human behavior.

Filled with a profound and unwavering faith that has shaped his life, Pastor Park’s published works transcend mere theories and suppositions. These best-sellers, enriched with personal testimonies and insights into God’s heart through Scripture, guide readers toward salvation and a deeper faith.

NY TIMES_edited.png
Notes on Gen I_mockup-paperback_edited.p


“Pastor, please share the word on our radio station!”

In 1985, Pastor Park began preaching on the flagship program “Good News” for the Far East Broadcasting Company. Since then, these sermons have extended their reach beyond South Korea, reaching a global audience through diverse media platforms including radio, television, and newspapers.

Notes on Genesis Published in the New York Times

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