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1,500 people turn out for Jacksonville Christmas Cantata (October 05, 2012)

October 2, 2012

Jacksonville, FL—The 3rd stop on the 2013 Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata Tour turned out to be a raving success. Mesmerized concertgoers in Jacksonville witnessed the unsurpassed level of music and commanding stage presence of the Gracias Choir, not to mention a large-scale performance they did not expect.

Planning for the Jacksonville show was not without its fair share of concerns. There were staffing, promotional, and financial limitations, but nevertheless, this Christmas Cantata proved to be a clear testament to God’s power. Hope was sparked in the regional Cantata planners after they miraculously secured famed Florida Theater for the October 1st show.

“Truth be told, with 3 days left, I began to worry if this performance could really happen or not. But, after hearing a sermon, I remembered who was in charge of it all. It was God, and God would fill every last seat in that theater. So, that’s the heart and mindset I gained going into this,” said event manager Samuel Park.

Everyone in Jacksonville appreciates the rich history of Florida Theater, which was built back in 1927. When asked about the venue, older Cantata attendees shared fond memories of performances they witnessed at Florida Theater when they were young.

With just a little over an hour until show time, people finally began to arrive. Soon, long lines formed outside and attendees continued to pour in even after the Cantata began. A total of 1500 people were treated to a music event that penetrated their hearts more deeply than they could have ever imagined.

By the end of the 2nd Act, there was a deafening standing ovation to Gracias Choir. Not one person remained in their seat by the time Handel’s “Hallelujah” was performed at the end of the 4th and final Act. Their smiles were so bright, their eyes were fixed on the stage, and through the expressions on their faces, it was clear that the music of the Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata had truly touched their hearts. This set the stage for the welcoming message, preached with conviction by pastor Joseph Park, who urged the listeners to receive the eternal forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

Countless people flooded the merchandise booths to purchase music CDs and offer generous donations to Gracias Choir’s ongoing music efforts in the U.S. No one could deny that the 2013 Christmas Cantata in Jacksonville was completely powered of God, from its early planning stages to the finished product on the stage.

More to come from the Christmas Cantata Tour soon. Next stop: Miami.

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