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Opening the CLF World Conference in Houston

Modern Christianity in the United States faces many challenges. Despite an emphasis on unity more than ever due to division and confrontation between denominations, finding a place where churches transcend and work together as one is difficult. It is in this context that CLF (Christian Leadership Fellowship) was founded to return to the teachings of the Bible and work together for the Gospel. Started in 2017, CLF is bringing significant changes to cities across the United States, becoming a Great Awakening that spiritually awakens and mobilizes a dormant America.


Houston, the fourth most populous city in the United States and a significant city in the Bible Belt, holds substantial influence in Christianity. With over 145 language groups and diplomatic missions from 90 countries, it is a diverse city. The CLF held in Houston is positively influencing various races, nations, and communities, with expectations of bringing significant changes not only to Houston but also to many places worldwide.


Every space, including offices and conference rooms, was freely used by the evangelistic team.


While facing difficulties in finding a venue for the CLF Conference, God provided the best place just a week before the event.

Pastor Orlando, whom they met while evangelizing, believes that despite efforts among pastors to unite, it often falls short, but he holds a belief that only true faith can serve as the driving force for unity. Five months ago, he purchased a four-story building spanning about 9,900 square meters as a symbol of this belief. He started helping pastors who struggled due to lack of space for worship, and now 24 churches gather in this building to worship together.

Pastor Orlando and short-term missionaries who handed over the master key to a four-story building of about 3,000 square meters.

Pastor Orlando believes that what the CLF is doing is much greater than what he himself is doing, stating that "the activities of CLF are what God is most pleased with." He handed over the master key to the four-story building, including private offices and conference rooms, for free use. He also provided necessary items and snacks for evangelism, personally cleaned the spaces, and actively assisted in inviting CLF to the pastors using the building, saying, "We must work together in this matter." Furthermore, we were able to hold events at a community center prepared by God, located about a 2-minute drive from the building.


"When God gives us the tools to use for the gospel, it is important to recognize that it is for the gospel and to share those tools. God gave me this four-story building as a tool, and it is prepared for you to use. When the CLF team came here, I immediately knew that this was about spreading the gospel, and I had nothing else to say but, 'How can I help?' I have never seen an event of this scale in the Houston area before. Many events fill stadiums, but pastors do not gather in large numbers in concert halls. This is where Christian leaders come together for one purpose, and that purpose is to spread the gospel." - Pastor Orlando / Faith United Worship Center.

ULH Center that was given a week before the event by God

Attendees exchanging greetings at the CLF Conference

The 2024 Houston CLF Conference began on April 1st (Monday) with approximately 2,000 participants from 30 countries gathered from across the United States.


The opening ceremony of the 2024 CLF World Conference, adorned with diverse high-quality stages

Performance by Jafet Lora, the worship leader of the largest church in the United States, Lakewood Church


Attendees rising up and singing together with voices filling the venue


The opening stage of the CLF World Conference began with a performance by Jafet Lora, the worship leader of the largest church in the United States, Lakewood Church, and attendees enthusiastically joined in singing together.

Prayer by Pastor Park Youngjoon (Good News Incheon Church) for the upcoming 4-day CLF World Conference.


After the performance, Pastor Park Youngjoon of Good News Incheon Church led the opening ceremony with prayer.

A dazzling performance that captivated every moment

Many were amazed by the bright energy of Memphis Bell.

Attendees enjoying the performance

Amidst recent global youth issues, the bright energy emanating from the dance of Memphis Bell, composed of young people from Good News New York Church, and the captivating performance left a profound impression on the attending pastors' hearts.

CLF President Pastor YeongKook Park clearly testified that this conference was ordained by God's will.

Standing on the stage for the welcome speech, CLF President Pastor Park Young-guk expressed, "Instead of a welcome speech, I would like to share a brief testimony," and testified, "There were many difficulties in preparing for the Houston CLF, but those difficulties led us to seek God's will, and when His will became clear, we could be bold."

"CLF is not something that someone desired; it is the will of God. Therefore, God will surely help us and be with us."

Address by Pastor Armando Alducin, who is greatly influential in the Spanish-speaking community


Representing pastors, Pastor Armando Alducin delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He is a pastor with great influence in the Spanish community, with 10,000 saints and 1 million YouTube subscribers. Recording invitation videos for CLF and promoting it with all his heart for the past month, Pastor Alducin said, "Now is the time to seek God, pray, and repent," and expressed his hope that attendees would open their hearts and receive what God has prepared here.


Performance of hymns played with beautiful melodies of the violin by violinist Lee Joo-Hyun


Duet stage by Shin Ji-hyuk and Lee Soo-yeon

The following performance by the Gracias Choir further elevated the value and dignity of the conference, soothing the hearts of all attendees with their words.

The attendees filled the 2,000-seat auditorium.

CLF founder Pastor Ock Soo Park began speaking, saying, "Believing in Jesus is believing in His words." He started his speech by referencing Acts 3, where a lame man believed in the Word and walked, even though he couldn't walk when he saw his own condition. Similarly, Pastor Park emphasized that we cannot declare ourselves righteous when we see ourselves, but we must believe in the righteousness proclaimed in the Word.

"When we believe in the Word, the power of Jesus appears, His holiness holds us, and His righteousness rules over us. It's about believing in the heart. It's not about whether we are holy or not, but if God is righteous, then we are righteousness. Amen!"


As the second day dawned, attendees actively participated in the various programs of the CLF Conference.


Good morning CLF, awakening the morning with fellowship!

It was a time to gain new insights and perspectives as we freely shared our answers to questions.

Participants are freely discussing one of the questions from a questionnaire.

On the breakfast table, there were ten colored papers. When unfolded, each paper contains questions such as "What do you expect your ministry to look like in 10 years?" "When do you feel fulfilled as a pastor?" "How do you maintain faith when facing challenges in ministry?" "What do you hope to gain through CLF?" Attendees randomly select a paper and share their thoughts on the question. It was a time to gain new insights and perspectives as we freely shared our answers to questions.


Summit breakfast prayer meeting attended by prominent pastors.

Every morning, three pastors lead the representative prayer with solemnity.

Praying with one heart, eyes closed.

Praying with one heart, eyes closed.

At the same time, the Summit program for pastors leading denominations or large churches brought together 70 ministers for a morning prayer meeting. Ministers gathered at the Summit morning prayer meeting prayed daily, led by three pastors, focusing on current issues facing Christianity.


Empowerment talks, where pastors share wisdom and hearts.


Empowerment talks feature influential and esteemed pastors representing a region or denomination, sharing their faith and wisdom bestowed by God. Through these talks, it is hoped that faith will be instilled in the hearts of ministers who may have felt stagnant, empowering them to boldly spread the gospel. This Empowerment talk featured 21 pastors presenting lectures on various topics such as "Pastoral Spiritual Life," "Upgrading Faith," and "Transforming Ministry Frustrations into Positive Changes."


Expo providing diverse attractions and valuable information.


Participants are acquiring valuable information at the Expo.

After watching the Memphis Bell performance, pastors visited the Memphis Bell booth.

In the afternoon, an expo was held. The expo provided not only spiritual and gospel messages and fellowship but also practical information to assist ministries and facilitated networking. Started in 2022, the expo has grown in scale and diversity with 21 booths this year.


Bible and Science: Exploring the amazing creations of God through a scientific approach.


A miniature replica of Noah's Ark based on biblical dimensions

This year, in addition to providing information on ministry, the expo introduced "Bible and Science" to offer educational content on biblical topics. Using scientific evidence to explain stories from every corner of the Bible, especially to those who do not believe in God's existence, especially young people, the expo explains how to talk about the Bible. This provides an opportunity for those who do not know how accurate and perfect the Bible is and to believe in God.


"The most interesting booth was Bible and Science. I was amazed to see explanations about how science is incorporated from creation to how our bodies, created by God, function. It was great to gather with many others and share wisdom." - Pastor Praise Oluwafemi / The Elevated Life Int'l Center


CLF World Conference: Opening a new chapter in Christian history.

The CLF World Conference is opening a new chapter in Christian history by overcoming numerous barriers such as language, nationality, denomination, and doctrine to become one through the Word of God.

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