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[USA] Wishing for a New Year of Blessings as Children of God!

The Winter Camp in Dallas began on Christmas Day, which is a day to commemorate the birth of Baby Jesus born in a Bethlehem stable two thousand years ago. The camp continues to unfold precious moments of the birth of Jesus in the hearts of the attendees .

- Enriched Mind Workshops

Education professionals, youth leaders, politicians, pastors, and others who empathise with the need for mental and character education participated in the recent Mind Education Workshop.

This time, the camp abundantly filled with the Word and one of the new programs is the Mind Education Workshop. As the United States grapples with mental health issues as a serious social problem through the COVID-19 pandemic among the youth as well as adults, educators, politicians, and pastors alike are increasingly recognizing the limitations of education focused solely on outward achievements. They felt the importance of mental health and character education.

With about 270 participants, including educators, counselors, youth leaders, politicians, pastors, this Mind Education Workshop was not just a lecture. It focused on three themes: UNLOCK (Open your mind), BREATHE (Express your thoughts freely and accept others' words as you would take a breath), and LINK (Connect hearts).

Newly added activities enriched the workshop program.

Through recreation, participants loosened rigid thinking and opened their hearts to each other. During the special guest lectures, many pastors applied Mind Education to their actual ministry, capturing the interest of participants. Missionary Kim Beomseop from Brazil applied the workshop's BREATHE theme to his mission, sharing how he started Mind Education throughout Brazil, leading to the purchase of a church worship hall. His testimony prompted participants to consider how they could apply Mind Education in practical situations.

Participants initially felt reluctant to share their stories but gradually began expressing themselves as they applied Mind Education to their own experiences. As the workshop progressed, participants started experiencing internal changes.

John Lujan, Texas House of Representatives: "Mind Education is amazing. After this workshop, I want to quickly move on to the next steps. I want to apply Mind Education to the Texas Legislature, and I'm willing to pay for it with state funds. Crime related to mental issues is increasing in Texas, and I want to change the state with Mind Education."

Edwards Jackson, Bethesda Cathedral Elder: "Even Christians who believe in God are suffering because they cannot solve problems arising from the mind. This is not only evident in young people but also in adults. I want to bring Mind Education to our denomination."

Mind Education Workshop, following God's promise to change the education in the United States. This initiative is expected to be the beginning, transforming the entire United States into a land of hope and covering it with the gospel.

- 2023-2024 New Year's Service

On the final morning, there was a repentance and renewal worship service to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year of 2024. As the United States moves into 2024, filled with God's grace and works, we look forward to covering the US in the gospel according to God's promise. The hearts of believers eagerly await the blessed year of 2024 that God would bring.

- Baptism, A New Beginning with Jesus!

In the afternoon of the last day, there was a baptism ceremony commemorating the beginning of a new life, where people, once slaves to sin, died with Jesus and was reborn in Christ, starting a life journey with Him. Approximately 100 saints who had been saved in the past year participated in this baptism, cherishing hope and gratitude for the new life with Jesus.

- Meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park and VIPs

Texas State Representative John Lujan requesting a handshake with Pastor Ock Soo Park

Leaders of Native American education interacting with Pastor Ock Soo Park

Educators of the Native American community attended the camp and had a meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastor Park shared the gospel by reading verse by verse from Leviticus 4, and these educators were joyful and assured of salvation in their hearts. They hoped that after the Dallas camp, they could transform Native American tribes through Mind Education and the Gospel.

- Closing Words of Hope for the Camp

Memphis Belle's performance of 'The Greatest Showman'

Participants cheering for Memphis Belle's performance

The play 'As Evening Falls and Morning Comes' prepared by Pastors in the US.

The play 'As Evening Falls and Morning Comes' prepared by Pastors in the US.

On the final evening, a special play titled 'As Evening Falls and Morning Comes' was presented, prepared by Pastors. The story of Don Johnson, who had lived a dark life dealing with drugs and guns but found true gospel and freedom, moved the hearts of the participants.

The Gracias Choir beautifully decorating the evening performance with melodious tunes

Pastor Ock Soo Park conveyed the message that just as the blind man in John 9 was blind from birth and Jesus healed him, we were born into sin, but Jesus, through His bloodshed, saved us from sin. He emphasized that people, blinded like the blind man, believe and live according to their own thoughts. However, the simple truth is that, by shedding His blood, Jesus was nailed to the cross not for your sins but for our sins, achieving eternal atonement. Anyone who believes this truth and becomes a child of God is righteous and holy. There is no reason not to believe that Jesus forgave all sins. Pastor Park concluded the sermon by encouraging everyone to believe in this message and become children of God, receiving eternal life of blessings.

All the participants who were bound by works and thoughts were able to obtain to assurance and joy of forgiveness as they heard the sermon of Pastor Park.

Luis Mariana (California):

"Pastor sang a song during the powerful moment, 'Happy day, happy day when Jesus washed my sins away!' That song is in my heart now. The pastor's words every evening resolved long-standing doubts in my heart. Even attending church didn't bring me happiness. I was always in pain because of sin. But through this camp, I came to believe that Jesus washed away all my sins."

Wei Jaun (San Antonio):

"My friends around me are good, sincere, and positive people. In contrast, I was mean, greedy, and committed many sins. Looking at me, I wondered how someone like me could go to heaven. But today, listening to the sermon, I heard that anyone here, believing in the blood of Jesus Christ, obtains eternal atonement. I was so happy. Even someone like me can go to heaven! Thank you, Pastor, for delivering such a message."

Jacqueline (Los Angeles):

"I attended church, but 30 years ago, I met a husband who believed in Buddhism. We lived for 30 years without talking about each other's religions. However, attending this camp for the first time, God performed a great miracle. I learned secrets of the Bible that I didn't know for 30 years. Both my husband and I received salvation and baptism. Today is the happiest day. We, as a couple, will live together in heaven forever."

Timothy (Salt Lake City):

"I used to attend the Mormon Church before coming here. However, eventually, I left because of the laws within it. After that, I searched for a church that teaches the truth of the Bible, exploring various places like Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses, and more. But coming here this time, I encountered the true truth. I finally found the truth I had been searching for my whole life. Thank you to God who allowed me to encounter such salvation."

Like the four lepers who brought good news to the despairing city of Samaria, 2023 was a happy year of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States. As we anticipate God, who will bless us in the new year of 2024, and gather again with precious testimonies, we look forward to the upcoming Dallas camp next year.

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