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2011 Good News Mission Top 10 News (January 03, 2012)

1. Pastor Park, Ock-soo’s Mind Lecture Book, “Who Are You Who Are Dragging Me?” Published

Who Are You Who Are Dragging Me? by Pastor Park, Ock-soo was Kyobo Bookstore’s, best-selling self-help book last July, just three weeks after its publication. It had remained number one for the next seven weeks. Pastor Park’s signature meetings were held in several cities as the response of his readers’ appreciation to the book. Who Are You Who Are Dragging Me? has been praised as the first book that provides clear interpretation of human hearts.

2. 2011 World Forum of the Ministers of Youth

The World Forum was held at the Noori-Maru APEC House in Pusan on July 8. Ministers and Vice-Ministers of Youth from approximately 20 countries gathered to form international networks to cope with youth problems. They also wrote a Declaration of Cooperation, which states that they will team up to address issues that concern young people.

3. Gracias Choir Performs at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

On December 10 and 11 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Korea’s center of culture and art, Gracias Choir performed the masterpiece Christmas cantata to an enthusiastic response from audiences. The Gracias Choir has been awarded the grand prize at numerous international competitions. Their years of performing experience resulted in their invitation to Sejong as one of Korea’s masterpiece performances.

4. First IYF World Camp Held in Socialist Vietnam

The Vietnam music exchange and mind education was held in the socialist state of Vietnam from November 10-14. This was a grand culture event, attended by approximately 1,100 attendants. Gracias Choir also signed the MOU with Ho Chi Minh Music School. Vietnam hopes to continue this interchange with the IYF in many ways.

5. Gracias Music School Receives the Accreditation for Alternative Schooling

Gracias Music School in Daejon became an accredited alternative high school on November 29. This accreditation is significant because Gracias Music School is the first national alternative music high school, and the first accredited alternative high school in Daejon.

6. GBS Broadcasting Station Opened in Tanzania, Africa

GBS, a Christian channel has also been opened in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Aug. 12. It is expected to trigger the advancement in greater gospel in African continent as well as to bring new hope to youths.

7. Gracias Choir Was on Tour for Cantata in 8 Cities of North America

The Cantata tour performed by the Gracias choir in 8 cities of North America last October was the first tour ever held in overseas. For this tour, about 140 members and the staff of the Gracias choir were on the road for more than 17 hours on bus to travel 10,000km.

8. Mind Education for the Kenyan Youth Leaders

About 2,800 people attended “the Mind Education for the Kenyan Youth Leaders” from Oct.9 to 14. It was held by the official invitation by the Kenyan government. They will actively perform a role as the Youth leader for the future of Kenya.

9. IYF’s Active Performance in 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu

At the recent 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu, IYF attracted domestic and foreign media attention by being selected as the supporter of the world fastest sprinter, Usain Bolt and the Jamaican team.

10. Over 50 Local Ministers Having Gospel Fellowship at the IYF World Camp in the Republic of Dominica

With the official invitation and full support by the Mayor of Santiago, the first IYF World Camp held in Dominica was a great success. Moreover, most of the Dominica’s representative ministers received salvation after the gospel fellowship with the IYF representative advisor, Pastor Ock-soo Park. They also wished to interact with the IYF.

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