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2011 IYF World Camp Artist Concert (July 13, 2011)

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of founding IYF, “2011 IYF Artist Concert” was presented at Good News Gangnam Church on July 9th, 2011 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. In particular, the afternoon performance was honored by the presence of ministers representing various states, who’d come to participate in “IYF World Camp” and “Minister of Youth World Forum” in Busan.

Under Boris Abalyan’s conducting, joint-stage presented by the world’s best musicians of Russia and the world’s best choral group Gracias Choir conveyed an unsurpassed inspiration of heart that overpowered the heat of the day. The musical stage began with the orchestral performance that mesmerized the eyes and ears of audience with grandeur music.

In Act 1, a small, humorous play helped audience to open their hearts to a concert which may seem tedious to some people. Acts 2 and 3 presented various musical stages comprising oboe, violin, cello, and piano performances which greatly inspired the audience with lyrical music. The last stage, Act 4, was perfected by the choral performance of Gracias Choir which brought a great movement of heart by singing the heart of God.

Especially in Act 2, the elegant and graceful sound of oboe totally captivated the hearts of listeners. Oboist Victor Hussu (Professor at St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, Russia) testified that he’d gained comfort and strength through music during underprivileged childhood. In spite of many sufferings and temptations, he was empowered by music to become the world’s best musician today. We were also thankful to think that we can overcome all situations despite many difficulties that challenge our lives.

Moreover, we were very moved to see that Russian musicians did not simply perform music but actually enjoyed music in their hearts. This led us to think that we can inspire many people to open their hearts if we enjoy walking with God in the works of gospel.

Following the end of musical stage, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the heart of God he’d received through “2011 Minister of Youth World Forum” which was held on the previous day.

“Through World Camp and Minister of Youth World Forum, we were able to meet ministers from various states. Listening to their presentations, we perceived that everyone was very earnest in finding solutions to youth problems experienced in their respective countries. Thus I gained an assurance that youths will change worldwide if the Lord works through IYF and the heads of state. In the grace of God, I pray that international governments would work with IYF in constructing a network to help fought youth issues.”

Throughout the two-hour event, participants lavishly praised the sophisticated, beautiful performance presented by IYF artists and Gracias Choir.

“Throughout the concert, my blood seemed circulate more rapidly than usual. I was greatly inspired by the lyrical interpretation and sentimental expression demonstrated by the Choir and IYF soloists. I also think Russian performers made an excellent display that confirmed master skills and talent. I’m grateful to see that content and quality of artist concert develops over time. But most of all, I think it’s very meaningful that peace and inspiration is brought to those who listen to their music.” (Yeong Kyu Choi, Seocho-gu)

“It’s not every day that normal people can appreciate the world’s best music like this one. So I was really happy to attend and appreciate IYF Artist Concert. I used to regard classical music as a boring, mind-numbing genre, but today I felt like dormant musicality has awakened inside me. Throughout the performance, I felt like entering into an unknown world. I felt very happy throughout the hour-long recital.” (Hee Kyeong Kim, Suwon)

Following its success at IYF Seoul Center, IYF Artist Concert is scheduled for a nationwide tour at Samsung Cultural Center (14th), Seoul Plaza (15th), and Busan Cultural Center (17th).

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