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2011 IYF World Camp In Argentina (2011-02-14)

Can the Impossible be Possible?

February 11, 2011, the World Camp was held in Argentina for the first time at La Plata.

When we were preparing for the World Camp, we were so lacking, and it seemed impossible to hold the camp in such a difficult situation. Yet the hands of God reached every parts of the Argentina World Camp.

For the Argentina World Camp, we held 3 workshops for the volunteers, and a total of 40 volunteers attended the workshops. Also, we made advertisements on newspapers like El Dia Clazin and Todo Noticias, on CNS TV channel, and on a radio station called Andina to promote for the World Camp.

Two weeks prior to the camp, 44 volunteers from Mexico, Chile, and Brazil came and helped promoting for the camp in Buenos Aires, the capital city, and La Plata, where the camp was held.

Yet when contracts for the venue and the lodge were delayed, we remembered a word, “impossible” in our hearts already.

We were supposed to pay $60,000 to use the venue, “TEATRO ARGENTONO” for 4 days, but they let us rent it for $30,000. The venue has a seating capacity of 2,220. The Executive Branch helped us to use the dormitories, kitchen, clinic, and gym in the Police Academy for free.

About 442 students from Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil and Korea participated in the Argentina World Camp, and the volunteers from the workshops and from other countries helped running the Camp as staffs, ushers, and assistants.

Opening Ceremony

Finally the long-awaited Argentina’s first World Camp began with the Opening Ceremony.

After a dance performance by IYF Righteous Stars, we heard Bolivian traditional music. A Welcoming message by a mayor of La Plata followed along, and the Korean minister of Culture’s message reminded us once again the high prestige of IYF World Camp

He emphasized the importance of IYF World Camp: “Through the camp, the youth from all over the world can exchange their cultures and become one with God to become a leader to change the future.”

Argentina is the farthest country from Korea. To Argentineans, a country Korea is so new. So during the Opening Ceremony, TaeKwon Dance and Fan Dance, among many other performances, captivated their hearts. TaeKwon Dance, prepared by youth from Chile, gave a new definition to the word “dance” as it incorporated disciplined martial arts and dance, and Lincoln House School’s Fan dance portrayed the beauty of Korean tradition. Both received a big round of applause from Argentineans

The highlight of the Opening Ceremony, Gracias Choir’s songs and music were more than enough to move hearts of all the participants. Their beautiful voice, improved once more, amazed us, and we were able to feel the heart of the Lord even through the music.

Through the Opening Ceremony, Pastor Park said that he will enthusiastically support that more youth can go out to the world as a leader through IYF. The most important thing in IYF is to learn our world of hearts.

Pastor also said that the true happiness come when our hearts flow in one with God and that those youth who are addicted to drugs or computers will become bright and anew through IYF. In 10, 20 years, every student in the world will be one in IYF, and IYF students will become the leader of the world.

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