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2011 IYF World Camp in Irvine Attendee Interview (October 06, 2011)

Interview 1. Raymond Ford (Passion 1/ Age 22, Orange Coast College) Learning Fellowship of the Heart

Q. How did you come to participate in the camp?

A. friend named Thomas who had participated in the camp last year introduced me to the camp and encouraged me to register.

Q. Wasn’t the registration fee burdensome?

A. I paid $150 for registration but when I thought about the benefits I would receive during the 4 days and 5 nights program it was not burdensome at all.

Q. Which program did you like the most?

A. The bible lectures were my favorite program. As I heard the Word that I don’t need to beg for the forgiveness of my sins and only by Jesus the problem of sins is already resolved, I received salvation. Receiving salvation was truly amazing and now I have true freedom in my heart.

Q. What message impressed you the most?

A. The Word about salvation was the most impressive. I feel at peace and happy to be saved.

Q. Have you thought about taking part in Good News Corps, the 1-year overseas volunteering program?

A. I’m very interested. The program itself interests me but I also want to preach the Gospel I heard in the camp to others through it.

Q. How do you evaluate this camp in general?

A. World Camp was a very good opportunity to hear the precious Gospel. And Gracias Choir’s performances were deeply moving and led our hearts to God. Through group activities I could get close to new friends and experience a broader fellowship. I think the world camp is a valuable opportunity in many ways to renew the hearts of young people.



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