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[2011 Korea] Start of ‘2011 IYF World Camp’ Grand 13 Days Voyage (July 11, 2011)

On 3rd at 2 in the afternoon, approximately 1500 Korean university students and other students from 40 different countries began to gather one by one at BEXCO conventional centre to have an orientation.

As for the performances prepared for the orientation, following by 건전 dances of Righteous Stars, ‘Ae han’ the Korean fusion dance and Joo ning to I ro the traditional Japanese dance were performed. Thereafter, welcoming messages of Chairman Kikwon Doh of the IYF, the fascinating piano play by Igor Lebedev the Russian representative pianist, performances of Gracias choir and mind lectures of pastor Ock soo Park the founder of IYF were progressed respectively.

Japanese Cultural Performance ‘Juningtoiro’

Pianist Igor Lebedev

Gracias Choir

Chairman Kikwon Doh explained about establishment of IYF, and Pastor Ock soo Park the founder lectured on, ‘Though there are many people who can literally see in the world, there is none who can see by means of the heart. Many people are born blind. The people who were born blind, can’t make out of what they see. However, when they crash into somebody, they come to know that they aren’t able to see anything. The people who were born blind in the heart, do not realize why a dark shadow is lied upon their lives. The people who are indulged in playing computer games aren’t playing the games by themselves. If they are the ones who are playing, they should be able to play when they want to, and stop when they don’t want to. It’s just that they are being dragged by somebody who led them to play games. Like the people who become suicidal by a certain force after encountering a difficulty which they can’t tide over..’

Mr. Ki Kwon Doh the Chairman of IYF

Pastor Ock Soo Park the Founder of IYF

2011 IYF world camp and ‘International ministers of youth forum’ are going to be held until 15th of July at BEXCO conventional centre and Noorimaru APEC house. It had been planned to discuss solutions and suggest future visions of international youth problem during the camp by means of leaders’ forum and ministers of youth forum.

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