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2011 World Camp in Cambodia: “Opening Heart to Unity” Opening Ceremony (May 27, 2011)

The opening ceremony of “2011 World Camp in Cambodia” was held at Diamond Island Convention Hall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the 2nd world camp in Cambodia following last year, and 1,600 seats were reserved for the Camp at the most recently built convention hall.

As an opening performance, Busan Lincoln School students performed Righteous Starts dance followed by Cambodian traditional dance called “Jun-bo.” Then Pastor Yeong Joon Park delivered a welcoming speech to officially begin the opening ceremony of the World Camp.

This world camp was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Canedian Bank in Cambodia. Where Vice President Ek Monosen of HRU University and other honorable guests were present, Congressman Seong Soo Kim of Korea and the Ministry of Education Vice Minister Pit Chamnam of Cambodia delivered words of encouragement.

As time passed with IYF Cambodia’s L’echo performance and Busan Lincoln School students’ drum and fan dance, the audience clapped and shouted more passionately.

The Gracias Choir’s chorus added to the novelty and freshness of students who rarely listened to classical music, and when the Choir sang traditional Cambodian song, everyone sang together in unison.

Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a congratulatory message that he hopes many college students would open their hearts through the bible and learn to live with one heart through this camp.

Following last year’s world camp, we hope that this 4-day world camp (May 18th – 21st) will provide an opportunity for many to break out of themselves and experience change by opening their hearts.



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