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2011 World Camp Special Congratulatory Message by Minister Jean Serge (July 12) (July 13, 2011)

Last July 11th evening for the Chungnam residents 2011 World Camp Festival was held in Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejun. Following the Chinese, African and various cultural performances congratulatory message were given by three VIPs. Among them, Bokassa Jean Serge who is the Minister of Central African Republic Ministry of Youth Culture, showed his gratitude to Pastor Park who is the Founder of the IYF and shared his joy of the blessing of having receive salvation.

“I would like to thank Pastor Ock Soo Park, the IYF and the citizens of Korea.

The reason why I came to Korea is neither to tour nor business. I came to meet the youth in this place.

Many things are beautiful in Korea but the most beautiful thing is the open welcoming hearts of the youth towards me. I learned so much as I saw your hearts.

Honestly, I had a worry as I listened to the word of Pastor Park. ‘What kind of program is this? When I go back to my country what kind of report could I give to our President?’ I will tell our President “In Korea, I learned about the world of the heart”

Pastor’s words made me remember many of my past experiences. Many presidents of our nation suffered from coups. Before these difficulties I had a very shameful heart. When I was very young I had very tough times and I lived my life being dragged by wickedness. As an African, when I saw the Western Europeans and thought back in our history I had much resentment in my heart. I wanted to get revenge to those who made our nation this way. However, I met Jesus here. Jesus took away all of our sins and I discovered that truth and accepted the heart of Jesus. This is the point of Pastor Park’s words. Change of the heart can give you a bright future. Change of the heart can give you the strength to overcome any kind of difficulty.

The words of Pastor Park during the World Camp were so great for me. I will take these words and go back to my nation. The vision of Pastor, I believe this heart can lead our future. To me Korea was a blessing.

Thank you.

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