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2012 Winter Camp U.S.A (January 13, 2012)

Around 1,600 Participants, Learning “The World of Heart” to Change the U.S.

From Jan.1st (Sun.) through 5th (Thur.), “2012 U.S. Winter Camp” was held at Intercontinental Hotel located in Dallas, Texas. Through various Academy classes and the Mind Lecture, the 1,600 participants broke away from their world to discover the world of God as the camp continued for 5days and 4 nights. On top of that, their hearts were filled with the anticipation for the grand work of Gospel to take place in the U.S. for the New Year 2012.

Dreaming to Become the Light of the Gospel, Changing the U.S.

The Winter Camp, held for both Eastern and Western U.S. together, began with the exciting opening dances by the Righteous Stars. Then Mexican traditional dance, a musical, “Helen Keller,” prepared by IYF US youths, and the stunning performances by the Gracias Choir followed and presented enjoyment to all participants. Afterwards, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about the difference in the heart of Joseph and that of his brothers in Genesis chapter 40. He hoped that all the participants of the winter camp will become the light of Gospel through God, changing the entire continent. After the sermon, Gospel classes for different languages and group fellowships continued. All the participants had a time to reflect upon their spiritual life, as they listened to the word from their own groups.

The Joy of Learning from Various Academy Classes

Every early morning and evening, all of the 1,600 participants gathered to hear the words of Gospel, regardless of the chilly weather. Every evening, during the Mind Lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park earnestly asked people to throw away their thoughts and live a life, only following Jesus because when we leave all of the curses and difficulties to the hands of Jesus, we could live a life of blessing. One of the students named, Natalie (20 years old, female, from LA), said “Pastor’s Mind Lectures was practically helpful and totally changed my life.” In the afternoons, about 15 Academy classes – Skin care, Photography, Yoga, Linguistics, Biotech, Home Depot, Zumba Dance, REI, Acupuncture, Mahanaim Cyber College, etc – added another layer of joy to the winter camp. Especially, the lecture by Ira Block, the famous photographer for National Geographic, introduced an interesting way to change the old perspectives about photography. Jessica White (25 years old, Male, from Louisiana) said, “I am so happy to learn the effective way to teach the students in Mexico through the linguistics lectures.”

VIP Receptions… Introducing the Foundation of IYF to VIPs

Meanwhile, the leadership symposium for the Mexico World Camp volunteers was held in the Malachite Show Room on the first floor. About 500 volunteers were training and planning Academy classes within their own groups for the Mexico English camp, which was to be held from January 5th through 8th in Monterrey.

Also, on the 2nd, Monday, there was VIP Reception in Suite room of Hotel Addison, with VIPs such as Joe Chow, the former mayor of Addison, Todd Meier, the current mayor of Addison, Professor Potchanat Samermit of the University of Texas, and Dr. Ira Block of National Geographic. Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced the history of the foundation of IYF and the works of God. On the 4th, Wednesday, 8 American Pastors attended the afternoon Pastor’s Meetings. Amazingly, they were the gospel and received salvation. Pastor Moon Hyung Ryool (ministering in Good News Dallas Church), who was in charge of this camp, shared his heart, saying, “It seemed impossible to have the winter camp in Dallas. I am grateful to see it happening day by day. My heart is overwhelmed to see the great work of God rising in the U.S, establishing 500 churches all over the State.”

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