2014 Good News Mission Top 10 News

2014 Christmas Cantata US Tour

“13700 kilometres, 20 cities and one message that was spread to 67,000 people!

‘But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified’ (1 Corinthians 6:11)


“From the 26th of September to the 17th of October, there was a Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata US Tour, teaching ‘the lost meaning of Christmas’. 11 of the performances have been announced as an official anniversary by the state or city. The Christmas Cantata, which has been called, ‘The Best Christmas Performance in USA’ also gave the birth of Jesus Christ in the heart of the Americans as a gift.

“Although my life was pitiful, dark and sad I am leaving with happiness. I am righteous, clean and holy.”

“The reason why Jesus was born, the heart of God that loves us… It was so touching. I will come back for sure, next year as well.”

The Christmas Cantata Tour allowed the American churches to experience great faith, and it became a turning point as to which they can preach the Gospel powerfully.”

Gracias Choir, Grand Prize Winners of International Choir Festival

River del Garda International Choir Competition Grand Prize,

Switzerland Montreux Choral Festival First Prize!


“It was wonderful and perfect.”

“When they sang a Russian song, they were like a Russian Choir, when singing an Italian song; they were like an Italian Choir. I could see this flexibility in all of their performances.”

“April 16th, among great praise from the judges, Gracias Choir took the honorable Grand Prix of the 13th Concorso Corale Internazionale Riva del Garda.

Competing against the world’s leading choirs, the Gracias Choir took the Grand Prize with great skill and very high scores, to the great delight of the brothers and sisters in Korea who were restless in their sleep because of it. Afterwards, they won the 1st prize and the Audience Prize in the Montreux Choral Festival held in Switzerland to prove their ability once more.”

Kenya Nyayo National Stadium Bible Crusade

The 20th anniversary of the mission in Africa.

The Bible Crusade that has changed the history of the mission in Kenya!

The work of the Gospel has begun anew through God who had prepared another 20 years.”


“Let us all pray for the peace in Kenya. I truly respect Pastor Ock Soo Park, the true servant of God. I will support Pastor Park with all my strength. With him I will preach the Word of God in Kenya.”

“On the evening of the fourth day of the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium, Pastor Kitonga gave his greetings and began to pray. 20 years ago, when Pastor Park met Pastor Kitonga for the first time, he said to him.

“I came to show that God is alive in Africa. I want you to work with me. I want to preach the true Gospel in this land of Kenya.”

The National Peace Bible Crusade held in the Nyayo National Stadium was accomplished by the servant of God who knew the heart of God towards Kenya.

The Pastors in Kenya opened Bible Seminars in their respective churches and have invited the Pastors from Korea to come and preach the Gospel. Also, an NPBC (National Peace Bible Crusade), was established on the 12th of December for the Pastors who participated in the Bible Crusade. Like this, a new chapter of the mission that will last another 20 years has started.”

Russian TBN Broadcasting Station, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s ‘Lecture on Matthew’

“All of Russia will be saved. Through the broadcasted sermon, the promised is becoming accomplished! Not only in Russia but through TBN, the Gospel is beginning to spread to 180 countries.”


“The Executive Director (Yan Volkov) of the largest and most influential Christian Broadcasting service, ‘TBN’, met Pastor Ock Soo Park in the St Petersburg World Camp this May and also participated in the Opening Ceremony of the World Culture Camp in Korea, by which he was very inspired.

Volkov, who was deeply moved while hearing the Word from Pastor Ock Soo Park, wanted to broadcast Pastor Ock Soo Park’s sermon through his company. Now, the ‘Lecture on Matthew’ is being transmitted to not only Russia but also to 180 other countries through satellite.

‘All Russia will be saved.’

The promise of faith is coming true through the ‘Lecture on Matthew’ preached by Pastor Ock Soo Park.”

First World Christian Leaders Workshop

“300 Christian Leaders from 42 different countries, all gathered hoping for the Word!

The seed of the Gospel is to spread to all the corners in the world.”


From the 6th to the 17th of July, the World Christian Leaders Workshop, was opened from Busan which moved to Seoul and also to Kimchun.

As the Pastors from 42 countries, such as Kenya and India, listened to the Word preached by Pastor Yeong Kook Park of Good News New York church, they laid down the spiritual life that they thought was right and only focused on the Gospel.

“As I was doing my ministry until now, I only believed in my own thoughts. I thought that I was still alright, but as I listened to the Word here in the Workshop I could feel how evil my thoughts actually were. Also, I learnt about the spiritual life in God.”

After the Workshop, the ministers went back to their respective countries to powerfully preach the Gospel in Bible Seminars. Notably, the Pastors in East Africa were in one accord in helping the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium in Kenya.”

The Change in Pastors and Pastors’ Wives

“The precious fellowships and testimonies of change arose when removing oneself and only establishing the Word in one’s heart. Even in this year, there was a great wind of change flowing through the Pastors and their wives of both in Korea and abroad.”


“Every year many missionaries return to Korea to participate in the World Culture Camp. God gave them the fellowships of faith as a present to them and the great testimonies of change continued on to other local Pastors and their wives.”

“The heart of believing in oneself and not repenting; no matter how good and beautiful it looks, eventually, it is the same as going against God.”

The Pastors and their wives laid down their painful ministries in front of God as they believed in themselves throughout it, and they took up the truth, which says that God had already accomplished everything, with happiness and thankfulness.

Now the testimony of faith is moving on from the Pastors to the whole church.”

The Gospel that has been Spread to Many Islands in the South Pacific

“With the Gospel to the Last. The Gospel was spread to the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa and many other southern pacific islands.”


“God, who will go preach to the many people living in the Southern Pacific Island?

God, allow our missionaries to sent there to preach the Gospel.”

40 years ago, Pastor Ock Soo Park, who was hungry and cold, knelt down on freezing chapel floor to pray. “Please allow for those people to be saved and let their sounds of praising God reach the heavens.”

As time passed to 2014, we could definitely see that God had not forgotten the prayer that night and was accomplishing His will. During the World Camp in New Zealand, many people from Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji received salvation and through them, there were the establishments of Bible Seminars in small islands, as well as the start of new churches.

This place that seems like the end of the world; however, here in the small islands of the South Pacific the happy praises of salvation are heard.”

Mexico GBS Radio Station Establishment

Including Mexico, the praises and the Words will be broadcasted to all Spanish countries.

God has promised and established the GBS Radio!”