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‘2015 IYF world culture camp’ opening ceremony

2015 world culture camp opening ceremony at Haeundae beach on July 5th 7 pm, world renowned ‘Gracias concert’ opened with its beautiful music. The event was held in a world-class attraction Haeundae for the 4th time starting from 2012. Not only it took place as Haeundae’s annual event but the scale is growing each year.



The event where by 3,000 students from 50 different countries, minister of education from 20 countries, minister and vice-minister of youth, chancellors and principals from 50 universities and 50,000 Busan citizens attended, was covered live on Hello TV and reported by different media that proved how huge the event is.



World cultural camp made its grand opening with African culture dance <PARTAGE> and Righteous Stars’ dance followed by Fiji team’s <AWAKE> winner of 1st prize and Philippine team’s <TAGARAW> winner of grand prize in dance festival. Moreover, Korean <Fan Dance> and other different cultural performances mesmerized the audiences.


“It’s not easy to come across to such a powerful dance but as I saw it right in front of my eyes, I was happy to feel their culture as well.” Hyun Joo Kim/ Busan Suyung-gu



Following the declaration of IYF world culture camp opening by IYF Chairman Mun Taek Park, Sang Yong Kim the IYF Advisor World Education Leaders Forum gave his welcoming speech. And Byung Soo Seo the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan city addressed his congratulatory message “Today’s weather is not too hot, not too cold. It’s very cool and nice. Aren’t you concerned of MERS? But so many people are here. I guess you’re not worried about MERS anymore. Now we are sure. There is no MERS in Busan, I’m sure! And also as a city, we will do our best for your bright future and as a mayor; I welcome you and thank you.”

Sun Ki Beak, the Mayor of Haeundae-gu gave his congratulatory message as well.


Not too long ago, the atmosphere of the nation was depressed due to MERS but it seems to be completely free and back to its spirit due to the beginning of the camp.

Finally, Gracias concert that will cover Haeundae beach with beautiful music drew the curtains. The first song Offenbach’s <Barcarolle> was sung by Soprano Soo Yeon Yi and Mezzo-soprano Hyo Jin Ban. Calm as Haeundae ocean wave, the song started to thrill the heart of the audience.


The next performance was <Wizard of OZ> by senior flutist Paul Edmund Davis from London Symphony which led much audience to world of fantasy.


Gracias concert continued to warm up the cool beach with the performance by Soprano Jin Young Park, violinist Chingiz Osmanov and tenor Tae Jik Woo.


Many tourists who were walking on Haeundae beach couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful music along with dreamy video.

The stage went dark for a brief moment and video of Choral competition in Marktoberdorf Germany was on. The audiences were deeply moved and applauded as they watched Gracias choir’s history alongside moment of winning 1st place.



Master pianist Igor Lebedyev and young rookie pianist Seung Hwan Suk’s piano duet <Slovenich dance> and piano solo Schumann’s <Traumerei> once more drew the attention of many audiences at the beach.


“I used to think classic music was boring and dull but today’s performance was colorful with addition of CG, ‘The flight of Bubble bee’ and many others. I had a great time that I didn’t notice time was flying.” Jang Mi Hyun/ Busan Suyung-gu

22403_33947_3250 (1)

The founder of IYF, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about a student who was living a dark life, but changed after going to Tanzania through Good News Corp program and delivered an encouraging message to youth who are living with a sickness of mind.

“Just like how there are many diseases in human’s body, there is a disease of heart as well. There are many people who have closed their heart towards others and are not good at listening to what other has to say. When you open your heart and listen to others, your heart will flow to each other and you will become happy. Open your heart with IYF and talk to each other. Korea will become happy; your families will become happy”


“Pastor spoke about communication and I thought I should not pile up things in my heart instead, communicate with my friends.” Young Gyu Jo/ Ulsan Nam-gu


Afterwards, it was time for choirs, the climax of Gracias concert. Folk song loved by Koreans <Arirang> and Puccini Opera <Turandot>’s ‘Nessun dorma’ warmed up the heart of audiences reaching the climax of the concert. The voice of tenor Tae Jik Woo and soprano Jin Young Park alongside orchestra, reached to the end of Haeundae and towards the ocean.


Encore song ‘You raise me up’ thrilled the mood by the appearance of four tenors and as they sang the last part “I can be…” magnificent firework embroidered the night sky.

“I can’t really point out the best part. That’s how great it was, each and every one did great. It was the best performance.” Sang Woo Bae / Seoul Seocho-gu

“You raise me up was really really good. It was the best!”  Suji Park / Busan Haeundae-gu

“It’s my second time to attend world camp. I really really like Gracias Choir. Very fantastic!” Julifer / Myanmar World camp participant


“I thought a lot whether to attend world cultural camp or not but regardless of my worries, I got to meet many foreigners during opening ceremony, see Haeundae beach and make memories. Especially, Gracias Choir’s performance was touching. I am looking forward to the coming two weeks.”  Kyu Ok Park / sophomore medical student in Woo Suk University, World cultural camp participant




Gracias concert that brought touching moment to world camp participants and great joy to Busan citizens will remain as an unforgettable memory.

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