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[Brazil] Pastor Ock Soo Park's documentary, titled "Mission of Life," airs on Rede Brazil.

Pastor Ock Soo Park's documentary, titled "The Mission of Life," is airing on Rede Brazil.

A miraculous flower of hope in a field full of despair. Such an image can be used to describe the life of Pastor Ock Soo Park, who sowed the seeds of the jewel-like gospel in his 60-year life that was filled with adversity. A five-episode documentary that highlighted his life was broadcast on Rede Brazil TV in Brazil on December 28th. When the world was trapped in the deep darkness of the pandemic, many people who watched Pastor Ock Soo Park's life found a message of hope. The five-part life documentary "Mission of Life" will be aired daily until January 1 with the following titles for each segment: episode 1: "The Beginning", episode 2: "Change", episode 3Z: "History of Faith", episode 4: "Family", and finally episode 5: "Missionary Work".

Scenes from the first episode: "The Beginning"

The first episode, titled "The Beginning", lays the foundation of Pastor Ock Soo Park's life. It features the testimony of Pastor Park, who suffered deeply because of sin and experienced a difficult life because of the Korean War. Also, the moments of Pastor Park deciding to trust only in God throughout his life were revived on screen. The scene featured interviews from guests who knew Pastor Park from 60 years ago and they recalled vivid memories of the adversity that the protagonist faced. In this episode, Pastor Ock Soo Park said, "I think I'm still dreaming." It is hard to top providing a testament of a life of faith you lived through a biographical documentary.

Viewers throughout the country watching the broadcast

During the airing of the first episode, one of the broadcasting officials hurriedly reported that the site has frozen because of an unprecedented number of visitors to the station's live stream. Due to the servers being done for 10 minutes, another broadcast stream through zoom had to be quickly put together. At the end of the broadcast, many viewers shared photos and provided their opinion of the first episode of the documentary.

● Michelle, "It was so moving and so nice. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's broadcast."

● Estela said, "I was so moved by the show that I cried with the pastor. Pastor Park has dedicated his life to the gospel."

● Thayse said, "I felt so much while watching Pastor Park's documentary, 'The Mission of Life.' The more I learn about the pastor's life in detail, the closer I feel him as he gave his life for others."

● Silvania: "It was so touching from the beginning that I cried as soon as the pastor started speaking."

● Jake: "Oh my gosh! The story of a pastor's life is a teaching of such great faith. Thank you so much and I'm happy to have seen it."

● Adriana, "I appreciate the life of God's servant, Pastor Park. God has already taken care of and guided Pastor Park's life from the beginning."

● Elizabeth "You're so beautiful. I am so happy to see your life. How many hardships you've gone through, how much faith you have. I want to import his life into my life through this blessed documentary."

The protagonist, Pastor Ock Soo Park, and the documentary's Editor-in-Chief, João Luis

Interview with João Luis

Pastor Ock Soo Park's life story is very special and a story that touches the hearts of many people. I found out that the pastor gave his life to make a difference in the lives of others, and currently, he is working to help people during the pandemic. I thought this was a good time to tell history so I made the documentary.

Since all of the borders of the world were blocked due to COVID-19, my visit to South Korea included some risk. I was quarantined for two weeks. After delaying all of my responsibilities as the director of the TV station back in Brazil, I filmed more than 100 hours at 12 locations in South Korea. After that, I reviewed all the videos and began editing the documentary. I decided that it was impossible to convey the message of more than 50 interviews and the pastor's enormous life story within an hour. So after consulting with the broadcasting station, we changed our plan to produce a five-part documentary series with 45-minute episodes.

The scene that impressed me the most was the moment when the pastor first visited Apgok-dong and Jangpal-li, the location of his first ministry. There, he took his wife by the hand, told her, "This is our first time doing something like this after we had gotten married", started to take a walk with his wife, and he thanked her. Also, as I listened to the miraculous story of Sister Mun Hyejin, I cried with her. After the shoot, I approached the interpreter and sister Mun and comforted her saying, "You are the true winner!"

When I stayed with Pastor Ock Soo Park in Korea, his life itself became a lesson to me. The most important thing he told me was that all of our sins have been washed and we have become righteous through faith.

The protagonist and his wife

Filming of Sister Mun Hyejin's Testimony

Director João Luis returned to Brazil to organize all of the recordings, completed the composition of the documentary, and began full-scale editing on November 23. The director edited five episodes during his stay a the church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a month. He worked with Thiago Lucas, a top-notch editor who worked as a freelancer with major broadcasters in Brazil. Thiago Lukas expressed his feelings about the amazing and miraculous editing process.

Interview with Thiago Lucas

It usually takes six months to a year to edit 1 hour of a movie. I couldn't imagine that we could do this in such a short amount of time. At first, I thought this project to be straightforward, but I found it to be more complicated than I imagined. When I first started to edit this documentary, I felt deaf because I couldn't understand Korean. The entire editing process had to be carried out through Pastor Jo Dae Kwon, an interpreter. The hardest part was that I couldn't understand what the interviewers were saying when they were speaking, why they were laughing when they were speaking about something funny, and why they were crying when they spoke about something sad. However, the interpreter was able to adapt to my workflow and it became an amazing experience.

Personally, Mun Hyejin's story was very touching and although I do not know Pastor Ock Soo Park well, I felt close to him through the documentary. The pastor didn't give up on his beliefs, always found a new path, and overcame all the hardships. Similarly, although we faced difficulties during the editing process, we were able to overcome all of that when we spent time with Pastor. João Luis wanted to inspire people by showing how Pastor Park was a person just like them.

It was really interesting to stay at the church during the editing. Everyone seemed like family, and everyone here was 100% focused on what they wanted. They trusted each other and moved as one. It was my first time eating Korean food, but it was so delicious. I will keep many memories from this place and also have made friendships that will last forever.

The editorial process was done at the church

Brothers and Sisters taking part in the dubbing of the documentary.

One of the biggest obstacles for the documentary 'Mission of Life' was the language. In Brazil, watching programs with subtitles was not a popular practice so all the interviews had to be translated and then dubbed. Some suggested that utilizing professional voice actors would give off a more natural presence, but João Luis said, "If we use voice actors, their voices may be better. But they will never be able to express the feelings and emotions that we want to convey. It would be great if the brothers and sisters of the Brazilian church could do the dubbing." Although they were all amateurs, around 30 brothers and sisters joined the project as voice actors. They were thrilled for the opportunity to partake in this historical documentary and expressed their gratitude.

Pastor Jo Dae Kwon and Editor-in-Chief, João Luis

Pastor Jo Dae Kwon / Brasilia Church / Director of Compilation

The depiction of Pastor Park's life in the documentary "Mission of Life," can be said to be a great gift from God to Brazil and the world. There was a lot of content more than 10,000 clips and it took many people to complete this project. When I was working with the brothers and sisters in the dubbing, I could feel that God had already prepared the perfect people to do it. Dubbing was very difficult for us because we have to convey the feelings and hearts of each person, but with the help from the with all of their efforts. It is a great honor to participate in this documentary about Pastor Park's life. The director and the editor, Thiago, were like the midwives of Exodus chapter 1 verse 15 who despised Pharaoh's command; they ignored all of the limitations set onto them by the world and the industry and poured all of their hearts into this project.

Brother Jung Kook Hwa / Church of Sao Paulo / Voice of Pastor Ock Soo Park's Portuegues dub

As I participated in the dubbing of the documentary, I was given the privilege of voicing Pastor Ock Soo Park. Although I was happy when I first heard the news, I later became nervous about being the voice of the main character of this documentary. However, I was able to do this work with assurance because I felt that God would always give me the strength to handle his work. There was a scene when Pastor remembered his father and wept for a short moment. When I could not express the same emotion, I prayed. I thought, "How can I do it?" However, I suddenly remembered Pastor Park saying that if we connect God's heart with ours, we can receive the heart of God. I watched the scene over and over again and when the heart of Pastor was conveyed to me, I was able to dub the scene. I am so thankful to be a part of the dubbing this time and I pray that many people will watch this documentary and receive the gospel.

Pastor Ock Soo Park's five-part documentary, "Mission of Life" has aired at 1 pm Eastern since December 28th. Just as the title implies, the mission has been to give people life. Many people will meet God through the 'Mission of Life' and will give God all of the glory and praise. We look forward to those moments filling our hearts in 2021.

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