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[Central America] Over 7000 Pastors gather for the Online CLF Meeting

A Zoom meeting with 7,517 Christian leaders who will cover Latin America with the Gospel

On September 29 at 8 AM (South Korean time), a one-day CLF meeting for the Latin America region was held in a Zoom video conference with Pastor Ock Soo Park. Six Zoom video conference rooms with 1000-member capacities were prepared and around 7,500 people, including YouTube viewers, were in attendance.

Pastor Jae Hoon Hoon of the Good News Mexican City Church began the gathering with his greeting, "I believe we will all be beautifully united in the Lord through this CLF meeting." The Latin American CLF Online Conference began with the prayer of Pastor Do Hyun Kim of the Good News Buenos Aires church in Argentina.

Pastor Jae Hoon Shin initiating the meeting as the Emcee

Pastor Do Hyun Kim starting with a prayer

The prayer was followed by the message from Pastor Ock Soo Park. Starting with the offerings in Leviticus, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained in detail how he spoke to the former Ghanaian President, John Atta Mills, about how we, who deserve to die because of sin, were judged righteous by the redemption of Christ Jesus as written in Roman Chapter 3:23 and 24.

Pastor Ock Soo Park preaching the gospel

"I met Ghanaian President John Atta Mills in Ghana a few years ago. The president was really ill at the time, and he said, 'I'm recognized as the most faithful president in Ghana and I always attended Sunday service or Christian special event while I was in office. But I'm afraid because I'm now facing death and my sins have not been forgiven. If I die with sin, I will not go to heaven. I am so afraid.

As the President was about to pass away, he talked about how he had not resolved the problem of his sin. I spoke to the president, 'Your Excellency, that is not so. In which country does a sinner judge his own sin? It is the judge's job to judge a criminal. Our true judge is God. There is a judgment statement that God has condemned your sins. In Romans 3:23 and 24, there is a verdict that we, who are supposed to die because of sin, have become justified by God's grace through the redemption of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Park delivering his message

Because God is a righteous judge, He cannot call sinners righteous. God cannot just say we are righteous without reason but He has ruled that we are righteous because Jesus was crucified for our sins and had forgiven all sin. This is the word of God and the judgment of God towards you. Because this land belongs to the realm of time, if you sin again, you have to offer sacrifices. Every time I commit a crime, I have to offer another sacrifice. But in the realm of eternity, the sin offering in the tabernacle in heaven will last forever."

After reading chapter 10 of Hebrews, Pastor Park said, "We are holy forever because Jesus shed blood on the cross for us in the tabernacle in heaven."

Pastors listening intently to the message

Pastor Park continued, "I think I am a sinner, but the Bible says that I am righteous. Then what should I believe? Do I have to believe what I think? No, you must believe in the word of God. What I just spoke about is the judgement from God, the righteous judge. I delivered this gospel to the President of Ghana."

Pastor Park continued, "It's already been two and a half hours since I started talking, but time has gone too fast. I'd like to talk more if I had time. Today, I told you something very basic, and next time I want to tell you about things more in-depth and share the blessings God has given me."

Finally, Pastor Park expressed his hope that many Latin American pastors would learn the world of true faith through the Good News Theological School as he said, "It has been two weeks since the Good News Theological School started, and more than 1,000 people have applied."

Reverend Carlos Soto Carlos Soto / Christian Church of the Good and Love of God, Costa Rica

"Hello. May God bless you. With pleasure, I would like to give you a testimony about today's message. According to today's teachings, sin is not washed away from my confession of sin, but from the blood of Jesus, as Pastor Park quotes Romans 3:24 saying, "Being justified freely by grace through the redemption in Christ Jesus." The pastor's words were interesting and beautiful teaching that offered me the way to truly resolve sin. Because we sin and always think 'I need to pray to God to ask for forgiveness' and then we confessed and begged again and again. I prayed as much as I could to God, but my sin was not destroyed. Today, however, through the words of Pastor Ock Soo Park, I realized that all the sins I will commit and all the faults I will commit in my life have been destroyed, and that, as the Bible says, we have come to be justified without end through the grace and the blood of Jesus Christ. May God bless Pastor Park and may the pastor be healthy for a long time in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!"

Reverend Lisly Cantor / Hope Church of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"As I listened to Reverend Ock Soo Park, great satisfaction, joy and happiness came to my mind. I learned that I was righteous through Jesus' blood, and that Jesus forgave all my sins and gave me eternal life. And the fact that the forgiveness of sin was free of charge made me happy. Because not only me but many people are obsessed with the idea that they should do something about themselves. First of all, I would like to thank God for allowing all this and also thank Pastor Ock Soo Park for blessing our lives with the word of God. Reverend Park! I hope you will continue to deliver the wonderful words of God."

Pastor Daniel Toro / El Shadai Church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

"What I heard this evening was a great blessing to my life and to my ministry. Today, I was very grateful to share the gospel with the Good News Mission and to hear the words of Pastor Ock Soo Park, the servant of God. Today, I was able to understand how I could be saved from sin when I listened to the pastor. I've known these scriptures for a long time, but I still lived confessing to forgive my sins. I have not met God's comfort in my life, and in fact, deep in my heart I always felt sin. But this evening, in Leviticus Chapter 4, I was told to bring a lamb for the sacrifice and cleanse the sin. It was a shadow. After that, Christ, the lamb of God, who is sinful in the world, entered the tabernacle in heaven. The Bible says that we were the dirtiest men and enemies of God, but we all became holy through the precious blood of Jesus. With all the pastors here, I am very grateful to hear Reverend Park's words, and I want to continue to listen to and learn the words of CLF and God. Thank you."

Pastor Wilfredo Hernández / Icca Family Bible Baptist Church, Peru

"I would like to thank the Good News Mission and Pastor Ock Soo Park, the servant of God of this era, for allowing me to feel the value of the gospel once again through the CLF meeting in the second half of 2020. I'd like to share a brief testimony. In Hebrews 9:11 and 12, it is written: 'But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building; Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.' The pastor spoke of the old covenant and the new covenant. The first covenant does not absolve us of our sins forever. In other words, you can't be free from sin and you can't escape. But we have received the eternal atonement that God has given us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and we can no longer be bound by sin. When I think of this fact, I am so moved and honored to God. All the words are written in the Bible. It is the hope of this era that we no longer believe in human religion and doctrine, but believe in God's promise and the gospel of eternal redemption. We should not rely on any human effort or labor, but simply trust the word of God. Because Jesus resembles nothing like man but has accomplished eternal atonement with his own blood. Once again, I am honored and grateful to God."

The Blessed CLF Meeting in Central America

"It's been two and a half hours, but I feel like our team was so short…" were the closing remarks of Pastor Ock Soo Park. Anyone could feel his eagerness to share the blessings God gave him to the other Christian leaders of Latin America today. There are so many people in Latin America who suffer from sin and disease, and the hope is that Christian leaders will keep Jesus' heart in their hearts and preach the gospel together.

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