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[Africa] CLF Meeting, 34 countries, 4 languages, 17,860 pastors and audience of 15 million

-Africa Christian Leaders Conference was attended by over 17,860 Pastors

-The event was broadcasted over 12 major TV broadcasting stations to an audience of 15 million

-Congratulatory messages from Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affair of Zambia, and Rev. Dr. Ahmad Kenneth Quarshi, General Superintendent of the Free Methodist Church Ghana Mission

-"Amen!" were cried out as pastors around the continent took part

On October 15th, the CLF meeting started that spanned across 34 countries and with 17,860 pastors in attendance. The pastors in Africa gathered their hearts and united under the banner "Let's Go Back to the Bible."

Over 15 million spectators were also in attendance with the event broadcasted on 12 TV stations such as Homebase TV, GTV National Broadcast, Light TV, UTV, Togo AG TV, Camaroon 4g EST TV, FADART TV, Leader Gospel, CANAL 7 Harmonie, GBS in Kenya, GBS in Malawi, UBC National Broadcast in Uganda, ZNBC 3 of Zambia.

The event was not only broadcasted online but on television. Because of high data costs and the difficulties of attaining an internet connection, pastors gathered together to share devices to attend the CLF meeting.

Pastor John Kim of Nairobi, Kenya was the MC and Pastor Ouimana prayed for the service.

After the commencement prayer, the Online Bible Seminar promotional video was shown. Right after, the Honorable Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affair of Zambia, opened with her congratulatory message.

The Honorable Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, send a message of congratulations.

"Because of Covid 19, many Africans have lost their lives and social life has collapsed. However, amidst this despair, God is still with us. God is having his servant, Pastor Ock Soo Park, preach the gospel across the world. We hope the spiritual eyes of the people of Zambia open through the revelation of God in these difficult times. We hope that through the CLF meeting and the words from Pastor Park, God visits us and reveals His beauty within us.

- Honorable Reverend Godfridah Sumaili

Reverend Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie also sent a congratulatory message.

"I had fear regarding evangelism. I knew my sins were washed but did not have the courage to preach the gospel. However, after I met Pastor Park, I receive the strength and boldness towards the gospel. Many people call themselves Christian but they are still fighting with sin. However, anyone who believes in the gospel is saved. God uses people to save others with the gospel. I give thanks to Pastor Park who is being used for this work."

-Reverend Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie / General Superintendent of the Free Methodist Church Ghana Mission

Bishop Joseph Serwadda of the BAF of Uganda prayed for the CLF meeting.

Before the word, Bishop Joseph Serwadda of Uganda prayed for the service.

Pastor Park preaching the gospel to pastors in the Africa CLF Meeting

Pastor Park started his sermon. "The sabbath points to Jesus Christ. It represents how when we meet Jesus, we will be free from sin. In Hebrews chapter 9 verse 11, it tells us that Jesus is the high priest. In verse 12, it tells us that sins used to be washed through the blood of goats and calves but Jesus has accomplished eternal redemption through His own blood.

It is written in Romans chapter 1 verse 17 that the just shall live by faith. It is written in Romans chapter 3 verse 10 that there is no one righteous, no, not one. Just like if I receive a lot of money, I become rich, I do not have righteousness but if I receive righteous, I become righteous."

Pastor John Kim of Nairobi, Kenya, the MC of the CLF Meeting

Pastor Park's Sermon being broadcasted live on GBS

Through GBS, not only were people in the Nairobi and surround cities able to watch on their local TV channel, families across the country were able to watch on "Zuku TV", an online television platform, if they had it installed. Also, the stream was easily accessible on GBS TV Africa's Youtube channel or Facebook page. "Sayare TV" and 20 other Kenyan TV stations also decided to broadcast the meeting on their channels as well. Through GBS, the gospel continues to be spread through the Kenyan region.

GBS in Malawi broadcasting the event live.

At the Good News Church in Malawi, live streaming was done through GBS. 1 hour before the CLF meeting, Bishop Molinda and Pastor Banda were invited to give their testimonies of the hearts they received through the CLF an hour before the meeting. GBS broadcasted in Malawi, where smartphones are not ubiquitous, and around 287 pastors were in attendance along with their brothers and sisters. It is predicted that many more tuned in to the meeting on GBS TV. It was a time to gather the hearts of the brothers and sisters for the Online Bible Seminar that will be held in October 16th. There was a large positive reaction to the message of Pastor Park and the promotions content of the conference continued to air over the TV streams. The show after the meeting was a Bible talk show that explained the message to the listeners in much detail.

In Ghana, TV advertisements of the CLF meeting were broadcasted continually on 4 TV stations: Homebase TV, GTV, Light TV, and UTV. Advertising also continued on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube. around 3000 members of over 100 churches planted by the Good News mission were in attendance. The event was also broadcasted on Homebase TV which has 7 million viewers. 1470 other church leaders were in attendance as well.

In Togo, many were connected through Facebook advertising and promotions in WhatsApp message rooms. The Good News Togo Church held a special invitation day during the social distancing measures to invite over 500 people to the event. When these new comers participated in the CLF meeting, they were overjoyed. 3000 of the church brothers and sisters along with 50 bishops of surrounding churches were in attendance. The gospel was preached to 2000 more on Almanac Radio and 7 million more on ACTV.

The Pastors in Attendance shouting "Amen" during the CLF Meeting.

During the entire meeting, Pastors were agreeing with shouts of "Amen!" and gave glory to God. Many pastors spoke about how they enjoyed the word they heard and that if felt like a meeting "at the feet of Jesus." Many pastors sent Pastor Park messages of thanks for the message

Interviews with Pastors in Attendance

"We do not have to condemn ourselves when we have faith in the cross of Jesus Christ. He sacrificed himself for us and the offering of his body was more than enough to make us holy. We must always give thanks for what Jesus has done for us and we have to stop focusing on ourselves but focus on God who has saved me."

-Bishop Samuel Levi, Ghana

"The teaching was very good and it gave us the inspiration to go out and preach the gospel. Pastor Park spoke about John the Baptist and the baptism he gave Jesus who was to bear all of our sins. This is the truth. Pastor Park also spoke about the tabernacle in heaven and the tabernacle on earth. I received much blessing and comfort from the CLF meeting. Thank you."

-Bishop Moses Mumono, Botswana

Bishop Joel Amoko, Cote d'Ivoire

"There is nothing left for us to do. Jesus is the young lamb of God and through His baptism, He has taken away our sins. "Behold the lamb of God who has taken away the sins of the world!" Our sins have already been washed, God has given us a lift of victory, and He has led us to live a life of righteousness."

Bishop Drah Yaoh Maoehna, Togo

"Today's meeting gave me a lot of happiness. It is because of the true gospel that Pastor Park just shared with us. We always used to preach that we were sinners and we preached against the teachings of the Bible. However, Jesus had died for our sins. Confession is not what washes away our sins but the shed blood for the remission of sins is what cleansed us. I am so happy and I am recommending this message to my colleagues."

Pastor Elkan Mo-cha, Eswatini

"Through the conference, Pastor spoke about how our sins were washed on the cross. I was able to believe in this truth. True salvation is to rely on the cross of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, not try to confess all of our sins away."

Prophet Timothy, Zimbabwe

"When Pastor Shim and the Good News Corp volunteers visited me in my hometown of Mashingo, they introduced me to the CLF for the first time. When I attended the meeting, it was also the first time I heard a message from Pastor Park and I was very surprised. All the things that Pastor Park said could be proven in the Bible. I can now speak about how Jesus Christ has taken away all of our sins."

Pastor Park preached the message for 90 minutes and then asked all the viewers to preach the gospel with him to the entire world. Many people expressed their hope of how God was going to work through the participants of the CLF meeting to spread the gospel throughout the continent of Africa.

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