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[USA] The Gracias Christmas Concert Airs Nationwide

The Gracias Choir's Christmas Cantata North America Tour first started in 2011 in nine cities. The Cantata, which began in small theaters of high schools, university auditoriums, and church buildings, has been growing every year, with more than 10,000 spectators filling an arena in Atlanta last year for the show. Through a month-long tour of more than 30 cities, 1 million U.S. citizens have seen the choir's beautiful performances and listened to the message of the gospel.

2019 Christmas Cantata North America Tour

The Christmas Cantata North American tour, which would have marked its 10th anniversary this year, was canceled because of the pandemic. However, God had opened a new way to air the "Gracias Christmas Concert" through TV stations.

The Gracias Christmas Concert aired on numerous TV stations in the United States. During the pandemic, the Gracias Choir practiced for months a new way of vocalization using breathing rather than using the chest and vocal cords. God had the choir record their Christmas concert in a clear, clean voice that could not be heard anywhere else in the world. The concert was filmed at the famous cathedral in Manhattan. Although most large churches and cathedrals were closed, God prepared all the necessary things for filming, including the staff and the recording equipment all to accent the choir's beautiful sound against the backdrop of the antiquated church.

The Gracias Concert was filmed at St. Bartholomew's Church in Manhattan.

Hollywood director Andy Whitlatch joined the concert filming.

"I worked at the World Camp last summer to prepare for the academy programs and I had to think about it differently because the camp was held online for the first time. Teachers and students couldn't be together physically, but I felt like they could learn something new through their computers. Cinematography was one of them. Andy works as a film director for a professional production company that produces Hollywood movies, commercials, and concert videos. During the World Camp, many students were interested and his academy was very popular. Andy said he was happy and wanted to be with us next year. When Pastor Terry asked me if I knew any filming directors, I remembered Andy and asked him if he could join the production for the Christmas concert. He showed great interest and joined.

- Brother Glen Heil, Good News New York Church

The major U.S. TV broadcasting channels, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, decided to air the concerts during their prime time on Christmas week. CTN, which was deeply moved by an interview they had which featured Pastor Ock Soo Park, prepared 80 hours of air time for the Christmas concert. Also, Enlace, one of the largest Spanish-language Christian broadcasters, broadcasted the Christmas concerts in North, Central, and South America. In all, 350 broadcasting stations have decided to air Christmas concerts throughout North America, and 700 hours of broadcasting have been aired. The Christmas concerts could be seen anywhere in North America during the month of December. Also, broadcasting companies from all over the world participated in the broadcasting, and a total of 1,026 hours were aired worldwide.

The nation's leading broadcasters airing the Gracias Christmas concerts.

"I feel that God is training us to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth through the Christmas Cantata. We preached the gospel to 100,000 people through the month-long Cantata tour. However, to preach to the 350 million people in the United States, you would have to do the Cantat tour every day for 350 years. Through the pandemic, God has opened the way to spread the gospel more widely on the Internet and broadcast stations. The Christmas concert will be broadcasted on more than 350 TV stations. God is working beyond our thoughts so that everyone can hear the gospel."

- Pastor Yeong Kook Park, Good News New York Church

"When it came to broadcasting the Christmas concert on TV, Pastor Yeong Kook Park said that the concert is so nice and beautiful that it should be aired for free. Also, he said that it would be nice for everyone in the U.S. to watch the concert. Surprisingly, God opened the way through many broadcasting stations. YTA TV is a station that broadcasts to 32 million households in 47 cities across the U.S., and they said they would air the choir's concert video for free. FNX TV and Faith TV are also broadcasting stations covering the U.S.A. Also the concert for free during the Christmas season. Enlace, which covers all of North America, Central America, and South America, and CTN broadcasted the Christmas concert. Also, the way has been open for all the people in the U.S. to hear the gospel through the major broadcast stations throughout the country. While being guided by the word of the servant, God opened a new and living way of the gospel in America."

- Pastor Choong Hwan Song, Good News Manhattan Church

Pastors of large American churches, who recently joined the CLF World Conference as "Empowerment Talk" speakers, also aired the concert on their church's platform.

Pastors who participated during the CLF World Conference aired the Christmas concerts on their Facebook page and the church website.

"I met Reverend Jeff Gill who gave us the Empowerment talk at the CLF World Conference. After discussing the mission of the CLF, we talked about Pastor Park and the Christmas concert. He has more than 50,000 Facebook followers and 10,000 people who attend online worship services on Sunday. He promised to promote it to his church members and he said he will let us know the date and time of which he will air the Gracias Christmas Concert."

- Brother Sang Hyun Park, Good News LA Church

"I met with Reverend Bartholomew Orr of Brown Missionary Baptist Church. He had given a CLF Empowerment Talk and when I met him, I gave him one of Pastor Park's books and talked to him about the Christmas concert. He welcomed the idea and he said he'd be broadcasting the concert on his church's Facebook page which has over 35,000 followers.

- Missionary Min Yul Yoo, Good News Memphis Church

The Gracias Choir's Beautiful Christmas Concert

Christmas concert viewers

The Christmas Cantata would usually visit cities across the country as Christmas approached and fill the hearts of people with Christ's comfort, peace, hope, and joy. Now, thank you calls are coming from people who watched the Gracias Choir's concert on TV and who were impressed by the choir's music, and Pastor Ock Soo Park's message.

"I love the Gracias Choir. They're amazing." - Reverend Anthony Scott, Oklahoma

"Good morning. I would like to express my particular gratitude to Pastor Park for delivering Christmas messages at a wonderful Christmas concert. The concert was a great blessing for me." - Pastor Brown, Alaska

"I saw the choir's concert. It's amazing to see God opening the gates to spread the gospel through the pastors of the Good News." - Pastor Juan, New Jersey.

"I attended the Cantata every year. It's amazing to watch a Christmas concert with my family on TV today. I give the glory to God." - Reverend Ramon, Illinois.

"I saw the concert on TV today and I was very impressed. This concert is the biggest Christmas gift for me. I want to buy a concert DVD and watch it every year. The message was amazing." - Michelle, Nevada

"The choir was so good that they were beyond words. The pastor's message was also surprising. I loved the concert so much that I watched it with my family, but it was something hard to define. God blessed the voice of the choir." - Grayson, Georgia

"The concert was so great. I'd like to see you at the concert next year." - Reverend Gary.

"I saw it with my friends. The message was so powerful." - Linda, Oklahoma

"The choir was beautiful, their sounds were amazing, and the program was great. I pray that God blesses you all and protects your family." - Antoinette, Phoenix

"I was surprised to see the performance last night. Every song they sang took my breath away. Since I was in the choir, I could see their level by watching them. I called my friends and told them to watch it, but I want to watch it again when it comes out on YouTube. The performance was really beautiful, special, and the best of the best. Thank you for letting us have this wonderful concert." - Mike, Alaska

"I'm watching a Christmas concert on TV in Birmingham now. Wow! That's great." - Ann Lucas, Alabama

"The concert was really good. I know a lot about the orchestra because I've been playing the trumpet for years. The chorus was perfect and the song was arranged very well. The solos were so great and the costumes were so beautiful. I was blessed with the message from the pastor and the concert. I will continue to pray for you. May God bless you." - Ron Stout, Arizona

"My father had distrust towards people because of the wounds and pain he suffered in his life. He lived with no hope. I didn't know how to make him listen to the gospel, but my brother Sophie and I invited him to watch the Christmas concert. My father used to be a musician in the past, and he was thankful for the choir's performance. He said that it was so beautiful and professional as he watched the Christmas concert on national TV. My brother asked him about the pastor's message, and he said, 'Jesus made me righteous.' When I heard the story, I cried and my 9-year-old son cried. My son loves his grandfather so much. Thank God for letting me hear the message of hope as a father, and this Christmas concert made a wish come true for us." - Melanie Walss, Michigan

Due to the pandemic, the United States was experiencing its biggest moment of pain and despair. However, through the message of hope and faith, we can see that God wants to bless the gospel more than ever before.



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