[USA] The Gracias Christmas Concert Airs Nationwide

The Gracias Choir's Christmas Cantata North America Tour first started in 2011 in nine cities. The Cantata, which began in small theaters of high schools, university auditoriums, and church buildings, has been growing every year, with more than 10,000 spectators filling an arena in Atlanta last year for the show. Through a month-long tour of more than 30 cities, 1 million U.S. citizens have seen the choir's beautiful performances and listened to the message of the gospel.

2019 Christmas Cantata North America Tour

The Christmas Cantata North American tour, which would have marked its 10th anniversary this year, was canceled because of the pandemic. However, God had opened a new way to air the "Gracias Christmas Concert" through TV stations.

The Gracias Christmas Concert aired on numerous TV stations in the United States. During the pandemic, the Gracias Choir practiced for months a new way of vocalization using breathing rather than using the chest and vocal cords. God had the choir record their Christmas concert in a clear, clean voice that could not be heard anywhere else in the world. The concert was filmed at the famous cathedral in Manhattan. Although most large churches and cathedrals were closed, God prepared all the necessary things for filming, including the staff and the recording equipment all to accent the choir's beautiful sound against the backdrop of the antiquated church.

The Gracias Concert was filmed at St. Bartholomew's Church in Manhattan.

Hollywood director Andy Whitlatch joined the concert filming.

"I worked at the World Camp last summer to prepare for the academy programs and I had to think about it differently because the camp was held online for the first time. Teachers and students couldn't be together physically, but I felt like they could learn something new through their computers. Cinematography was one of them. Andy works as a film director for a professional production company that produces Hollywood movies, commercials, and concert videos. During the World Camp, many students were interested and his academy was very popular. Andy said he was happy and wanted to be with us next year. When Pastor Terry asked me if I knew any filming directors, I remembered Andy and asked him if he could join the production for the Christmas concert. He showed great interest and joined.

- Brother Glen Heil, Good News New York Church

The major U.S. TV broadcasting channels, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, decided to air the concerts during their prime time on Christmas week. CTN, which was deeply moved by an interview they had which featured Pastor Ock Soo Park, prepared 80 hours of air time for the Christmas concert. Also, Enlace, one of the largest Spanish-language Christian broadcasters, broadcasted the Christmas concerts in North, Central, and South America. In all, 350 broadcasting stations have decided to air Christmas concerts throughout North America, and 700 hours of broadcasting have been aired. The Christmas concerts could be seen anywhere in North America during the month of December. Also, broadcasting companies from all over the world participated in the broadcasting, and a total of 1,026 hours were aired worldwide.