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[Brazil] The Most Beautiful Story: The "Mission of Life" Documentary

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Pastor Ock Soo Park's five-part biographical documentary "Mission of Life," which was broadcasted on Brazilian Rede Brazil TV, ended on January 1. Director João Lius, the producer of the program, was delighted with the viewers' enthusiastic response that continued even after the show was over. Through this work, he is preparing to allow more people to watch it again through various channels, hoping that the search word related to the coronavirus can be changed from despair and sadness to faith and hope that is delivered by PastorOck Soo Park.

Promotional poster for the documentary 'Mission of Life'

On the 28th, the day of the first broadcast, people's expectations and interest were so high that the broadcasting station's server crashed. The reactions of viewers expressing their feelings after the broadcasting was also told to the church. Since it has been a difficult year for people to meet, they have been waiting for a response from the viewers. The only thing that was a pity that the response could not be captured on paper. The documentary was also advertised in 27 newspapers in Brazil.

Promotion on 27 Brazilian newspapers

Episode 1 "The Beginning"

Viewers followed the footsteps of the protagonist. They walked together with Pastor Park, exploring his beginnings as if they were on site. As they saw the beginning of the gospel and faith inside of Pastor Park, they were touched to witness the testimony of how God was establishing him as a servant of faith.

One viewer said, "I was saddened by the recent loss of my family, and God gave me a happy heart after watching this documentary."

(Ezineia Edneia / St. Bernardo, Brazil)

"I really want to meet him. How precious is such a testimony as this? I'm so touched right now. I love this ministry so much and feel touched here now. The documentary I saw yesterday was so beautiful and my husband cried so much."

Episode 2, "Change"

"It was the happiest time of my life. When I was discharged from the military, I felt that if God helped me, I could live alone in the Sahara desert or on the South Pole." – Pastor Ock Soo Park,

Pastor Ock Soo Park kept his faith in the army and lived the life of a servant of God throughout his army years.

The interviews of witnesses moved by the fact that Pastor Park did not spare his life to preaching the gospel to lepers illuminated the protagonist's past life like a jewel. The story of those who were freed from disabilities and illnesses due to his words, such as Hyun Jung Bang and Soo Hyun Choi, showed how Pastor Park was preaching the power of God's words.

(Mrs. Seo In-sook Jude Suh / Church of Luanda, Angola)

"I was born in Brazil and was saved at the World Camp in 2001, I came to Angola as a missionary's wife in 2017. The most touching part of watching the pastor's documentary on the TV was, "How did he live with the same faith from the beginning to the end?" Because he has never changed, I was able to receive salvation 20 years ago and now I am serving the gospel in Angola. Based on his life that has never changed, I was really grateful because I feel that faith led me to become who I am today. I'm very hopeful that your faith will continue to be delivered to these people in Angola."

Episode 3, "History of Faith"

In the opening, Sister Hyejin Mun said, "I wanted to be happy, too. Pastor Park shared with me the Bible verse, "in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us". Her words were followed by a series of testimonies from brother In Duk Yoo, Minister Hong Seob Shim, Pastor Ki Sung Kim, and Pastor Hun Mok Lee who all testified how Pastor Park planted the word of God in their hearts.

(Sister Joo Won Kim / Gangnam Church in South / cast member of the third episode)

"I really want to tell you that I am who I am today because Pastor Park led me to walk with Jesus Christ. It was a blessing from Pastor for me to be in this honorable place although I am someone with so many shortcomings. I hope everyone in the world will be connected to Pastor Park and receive Jesus in their hearts, just like how I was when I was weighed down by sin and dragged to death by evil spirits. Through this documentary, I am so moved to tell people that Pastor Park is a prophet that God has established for this generation.“

Episode 4 "Family"

Pastor Ock Soo Park said in the fourth episode, "It's not a problem whether the house is bad or the food is bad, as long as the family is very happy. Although everything is good, if the family is not happy, then people can only be miserable." as he shared his heart towards his family.

His son, Pastor Yeong Kook Park, said, "When I was young, my father who went to the Bible seminars every week told me, 'You have two fathers. The first is father God and the second is me. I have decided to leave you to God because I cannot take good care of you. From now on, God is your father.' Then I could see how God bless and lead my family and my life". He recalled how his father taught him to rely only on God since childhood.

Episode 5 "Mission Activities"

His posture in life was to only run forward for the gospel. Pastor Park gained wisdom from the Bible as he read it dozens of times and the Bible made him into the Pastor he is today. He constantly challenges the world for the gospel. The fifth episode showed us the fruits of the life of the protagonist who established the Good News Mission, the youth organization of "IYF", and the Christian Leaders Union (CLF) as he gave sermons and mind lectures in dozens of countries. Regardless of whatever circumstances they may be in or whether they are the president or an incurable patient, Pastor Park preaches the gospel to them to give them hope and is carrying out a mission of life that conveys God's gospel to the ends of the world.

Missionary activities all over the world

Testimonies of Happiness and Joy

(Missionary Bum Seop Kim / Sao Paulo Church, Brazil)

"Brazil is completely in despair because of COVID-19, but the pastor's documentary, which aired this week, is becoming a big issue. After a month of editing the 5 episodes, which seemed impossible because of all the dubbing that was required, we feel that God is so gracious. As soon as the first episode was aired, the broadcasting station staff said that it was the first time since the broadcasting station opened that the site crashed because of the number of website visitors. That was such happy news for us. I'm so grateful that God planned and prepared all the journey of this documentary, and that it was a gift from God to us and Pastor Park as he lived only for the gospel his entire life."

(Pastor Emmanuel Cruz / Iskali Church, Mexico)

"I was happy to see Pastor Ock Soo Park's documentary this time. Spanish and Portuguese are similar, so I could understand the documentary to a certain extent. Other Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters could not understand everything because of different languages, but they testified that they were immersed in the cinematic beauty of the documentary. I was grateful to hear the familiar names of brothers and sisters and their testimonies through Pastor Park's sermon, and I hope the documentary will be translated into Spanish as soon as possible."

Pastor Gilson Batista / Brazilian Orthodox Baptist Church

"I could see that Pastor Park is a pastor who did not aim for just social activities. The documentary focused on the forgiveness of sin, which does not require any words about the extent of growth or the spirituality of the believer."

Daniele da Silva Rosa

"I watched this documentary with my boyfriend's family. His mother took these beautiful testimonies seriously. And my boyfriend talked about guilt and the Bible. A little later, his sister also spoke with him and said, "I'm righteous, I'm holy." I was very grateful to see his family receive the documentary seriously. I believe that God will work for these people someday."

Juscellino Miranda Juscelinho miranda / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I love this documentary. The pastor you told me about and all the interviews touched my heart so much.

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