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[Kenya] GBS Broadcasting Station: For a New Leap in 2021

GBS Broadcasting Station that started with the Word of God

On March 8, 2010, about a decade ago, there was a GBS Launching Ceremony. At that time, Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered his message saying, “During my difficult time, while praying for food, I prayed for the publication of the books and broadcasting without realizing. This prayer wasn’t simply for starting a broadcasting station. It was a prayer for God to preach the gospel through broadcasting in Africa, and the prayer came true today, and we are able to launch the GBS broadcasting station. We want to convey Jesus’ heart through the broadcast throughout Kenya. Then everyone will be joyful, happy, and full of love.” We are seeing that the word is still alive and working today.

God who has helped GBS for the last 10 years

God has done many things since the beginning of GBS. When the station was first established, it was licensed for TV broadcasting, but with the enactment of a new broadcasting law, it had to receive digital channels, not analog channels. It seemed impossible given the short preparation period for broadcasting at that time, but it became reality and we were able to transmit digital broadcasting for the first time in Kenyan broadcasting history. As the broadcast began, the GBS station recruited people who were interested in broadcasting, not professionals, to teach technology and preached the gospel to them. They received salvation, and as they volunteered for the church, GBS began to become a broadcasting station that preached the gospel. In addition, whenever creating broadcasting content, God connected those who helped, so it was able to broadcast with excellent programs that took the lead in improving the culture and education of the Kenyan people.

Above all, the most important program in GBS broadcasting station is the time when the Word of God is delivered. In particular, Pastor Ock Soo Park hoped that people in Kenya could hear the Word of God as they opened their eyes in the morning and when they fall asleep, so that true happiness would be in their hearts. Therefore, the Word of God is still being spread through GBS, and many people have changed through GBS.

“I grew up in a slum. It seemed as if everyone and everything in the world was isolating me. I wanted to throw myself into the sea, in the river, and in a running car, but my last year, “I shouldn’t do that,” caught me. I threw myself to cheap drugs, but it was all useless. My eyes reflected in the mirror were filled with resentment and anger. One gloomy day, I happened to hear a pastor’s sermon on TV on the street, and it caught my step. After listening to everything, I called GBS and asked for consultation. Afterwards, I attend the gospel class through the spiritual counseling and received salvation while listening to the Word. Since then, changes have occurred in the lives of me and my family, and I have learned that God’s had a plan for me. Now, I’m tasting the happiness that I couldn’t have before.” – Meshack Mwangi

Broadcast preaching that has made progress in the gospel due to COVID-19

With the start of 2020, COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the world. Africa, like other continents, suffered from limited gatherings and activities, but the gospel spread rapidly to many people. Above all, many broadcasters have joined Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Online Bible Seminar to face the new progress of the gospel. In Kenya, more than 30 broadcasters also cooperated in Online Bible Seminar and broadcasting, with GBS at the center. Many viewers responded to the Word of God being delivered every hour, and the work of people receiving salvation occurred.

“I like watching GBS TV programs with Korean culture and dramas. Once day, while waiting for the program, I happened to see an online Bible seminar advertisement. As much as GBS TV is interesting, I was also looking forward to the Bible seminar and decided to listen to it. Before I listened to the Pastor’s sermon, I thought I had to be a good Samaritan and live like a good Samaritan. But the pastor said that we cannot be a good Samaritan, and that we are the ones who need good Samaritan. Listening to the words, I learned that I was not a savior, but a savee, and that Jesus had washed and saved my sins. And I came to believe that Jesus redeemed me forever from all my sins, just as the good Samaritan took the man who fell among thieves to the inn and paid for everything he needed. I am thankful to GBS TV that guided me to salvation.” – Florence Wangui

GBS Preparing New Leap

Through the ongoing COVID-19, we could once again realize that broadcasting and videos are important media for spreading the gospel. Through this opportunity, GBS is set to make a new leap forward. GBS is broadcasting only in Nairobi, but it plans to broadcast throughout Kenya next year. It also aims to create new programs and to train manpower to prepare for next 10 years with the goal of May this year. Therefore, about 15 volunteers applied for the GBS Broadcasting Education Program course, which has been held since early November last year, to learn all areas related to broadcasting from the basics. The education programs include equipment technology, graphic design, and video editing, and GBS is educating them to learn all the skills needed for broadcasting, not just one field. Therefore, in the future, the goal is to have everyone become broadcast producers to be in charge of each programs to lead. The most important thing besides technical education is that the GBS broadcasting station’s motto is living the life of moving forward through challenges by relying solely on God through Mind Education and spiritual training.

“GBS is recruiting volunteers and teaching them broadcasting skills. The training program was very beneficial to me. I learned graphic design and video editing skills. Personally, I’ve been insisting on sound technology, which was my major, but I’ve learned various broadcasting techniques over the past month. I was grateful to learn something outside of my realm through Mind Education as well as general skill acquisition.” – John Gitonga

GBS Going Forward

“And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 28:14) Through this year’s promise of the New Year message, we believe that in 2021, there will be an amazing work of Kenyans listening to the gospel and receiving salvation through GBS broadcast airing throughout entire Kenya. Pastor Ock Soo Park said to Pastor Yohan Kim, “Preach the gospel. God will help GBS once you preach the gospel.” Continually moving forward, Jesus’ heart will flow throughout Kenya through GBS, and their hearts will be filled with joy and happiness. We look forward to the powerful ventures of those preparing for GBS’s new leap.



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