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3000 people fight their way into the Fillmore Miami Beach to experience Christmas Cantata

Miami, FL—On October 3, 3000 people gathered for the Gracias Christmas Cantata at the Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theater. The Fillmore not only attracts Broadway shows and premier music talent, but some of the world’s best music, theater, and stage performance acts.

“She will give birth to a Son, and you are to call His name JESUS for it is He who will save His People from their sins.” The applause of the audience clamored off the walls as this verse appeared on screen.

As tenor Taejik Woo began his song “No Room for the Baby at Bethlehem’s Inn”, the entire crowd softly sang along with the actor, you could hear a pin drop in the hall as they held their breath during the final note of the his song. A crescendo of applause, smiles of happiness on the faces of the audience…so concluded Act 1.

After Gracias Choir performed Handel’s Oratorio “Hallelujah”, everyone was on their feet, honoring and glorifying the Lord. Cheers and cries for more rained down on the stage and the choir performed a total of 4 encores to the audience’s delight.

For the first time on this 2013 tour, we were treated to a stirring rendition of God Bless America from soprano Jinyoung Park, and the choir director encouraged everyone to sing along up until the last refrain.

The mayor of Miami also attended the Gracias Christmas Cantata. He offered a congratulatory message, and presented a plaque of appreciation on stage.

“I thank the Good News Mission and Gracias Choir for providing such a beautiful and exceptional performance to us on Miami Beach this evening. Thank you to everyone who made it to the Fillmore tonight,” said the mayor.

In addition, over 100 pastors and church leaders from around the Miami region had the chance to sit down for a pre-performance meeting with pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastor Park took the opportunity to preach the gospel. “We may remember our sins, but they have already been passed on perfectly to Jesus,” he said during the meeting.

Pastor also delivered the Cantata Message during Acts 2 and 3, reciting the words in the Bible, “I have absolved them of their sins and their sins will I remember no more.” This proclamation knocked on the door of the audience’s hearts as they replied “Amen” each time pastor told them their sins were washed.

Our hearts are touched and filled with hope as the Gospel reaches thousands of people at a time during each stop of this Gracias Christmas Cantata Tour. So, with that, we take the messages and promises of God to the next city: Orlando, FL.

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