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A Letter from Swaziland – Experience Learned From WCLW In Korea

Dear Pastor Ock Soo Park


Let me congratulate you and the entire church leadership together with its administration for a well prepared program for the 1st WCLW held in July 2014 at Busan city and at the Lincoln English village. The program was prepared by the Almighty one indeed as his presence could be felt in the testimonies and in every word that was delivered. Through the items that were in the program I deduced that the Lord has called me to be present so that I could be strengthened in my faith and come to understand fully some things which had been hidden to me for a long time. It was good to hear the pastors speaking one language and having one mind on the everlasting kingdom. Our Saviour’s prayer was not in vain. On Monday 21 July 2014 my mum came to my house to welcome me from Korea and I could not hold myself from telling her what the Lord told me in Korea. When I told her about the forgiveness of sin and being born again she could not believe me. She said there was no way she could be righteous like Christ because she was not a person who had not been good and had no good deeds. I then told her the story of the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery who had her sins forgiven without any good deeds. She was very surprised and told me that it is strange teaching and wondered why this had not been brought to her attention when she was young. I told her that her time was set by the Lord long time ago that she would hear of her forgiveness of sins on my return from Korea. I can’t wait to break the good news to those that the Lord has called. Thank you for being a loyal servant of the Lord, May the Lord bless you and Pastor Hun Mok Lee and all the other pastors too.

Pastor Mfomfo Nkhambule Swaziland



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