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[Amarillo, USA] “I’m So Glad My Mother Saw This Cantata Before She Passed Away!”

공연을 기다리는 애머릴로 시민들

Short-term Missionary Hyun Sun Kang came to Amarillo and met a lady while promoting the Christmas Cantata. The lady greeted her gladly and expressed her excitement saying that she had gone to the Christmas Cantata with her mother last year.

“Really! Thank you so much. Before my mother passed away she said, “I’ve never had such a happy Christmas throughout my whole life.” I’m glad she saw the Cantata before she lay down her life!”

The lady said that she really wanted to see the second Christmas Cantata in Amarillo again.

마이크 커밍스 Mike Cumings 목사(맨 오른쪽)와 그의 아내

Pastor Mike Cumings coincidentally saw the Christmas Cantata advertisement on Amarillo’s TV broadcast. Pastor Mike Cumings thought, ‘How many churches are there left these days that worked like this mission?’ and took great interest in the true gospel being preached by this church.

“It was that moment when I was thinking of how to help that amazingly, Good News Mission Missionary Alex visited our church. I was so happy that I could be of help, too. I really wanted to work together in doing the things that a church should really do and help the Christmas Cantata.”

On the other hand, it was very inconvenient because there was no kitchen to prepare meals while preparing last year’s Amarillo Cantata. So while praying for this matter for this year’s Cantata, Missionary Alex happened to visit a big church called ‘Second Baptist Church’ near the theater. That’s where he met Pastor Mike Cumings and he carefully explained the Cantata to him.

“We want to deliver the try meaning of Christmas through the Gracias Choir and preach the gospel in this area.”

Missionary Alex spoke about the mind of the Gracias Choir that makes them perform for free for the citizens. Surprised by what Missionary Alex said, Pastor Mike Cumings replies, “You are most welcome to borrow. I would like to help so that you can use the entire church.”

Then Pastor Mike Cumings promised to attend the Christian Leader’s Meeting scheduled to be held on the day of the Christmas Cantata – October 9th – at the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium VIP Room.

“It was really good while talking with the Pastor today. It was beyond expectations for me to have met with Pastor Ock Soo Park. I really feel like it’s a mission that does great things.”

Regarding the meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park, he said, “I took a picture with the Pastor because I wanted to remember this moment.”

조엘 Joel 목사와 그의 가족들(왼쪽에서 세 번째가 딸 나오미)

Moreover, the family of Pastor Joel who attended today’s Christian Leader’s Meeting spent a special moment together through the Christmas Cantata. Pastor Joel’s daughter, Naomi participated in the Christian Leader’s Meeting and the Cantata performance. She said she was ‘very happy’ and that she had also ‘received the autograph of Pastor Ock Soo Park.’

“My father is a Pastor and someone came to our church and explained the Christmas Cantata. The moment I heard the explanation, I thought that I had to go and it was really fun today. The 1st stage of the Cantata was most impressive to me. It well-depicted the birth of Jesus and I could strongly feel the message they were trying to deliver through the stage.”

Ms. Naomi also purchased the book written by Pastor Ock Soo Park, The Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again.

“My dream is to become a Missionary that preaches the gospel in Africa. To become a Missionary, I think the Words of Pastor Ock Soo Park is necessary. That’s why I bought the book of The Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again. I’m very interested in such Words and while listening to today’s Words, the Pastor said our hearts need to be connected to God. God said we are righteous and holy. I realized that however I may be, if God said I am righteous then those Words are the truth. As long as I believe that, I am connected to Jesus.”

하나님의 마음이 우리의 마음과 연결되면 그때부터 하나님의 역사가 일어나니다

Ms. Naomi’s father, Pastor Joel said in the interview, ‘Because Jesus comes to this earth to preach the gospel, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s preaching is also concise and clean’


“The performance was very wonderful and amazing. It was great. The history of Jesus expressed in the 1st stage was amazing in itself. It was impressive how they expressed the eager wait of the people for Jesus. God planned everything and gave us the birth of Jesus. Today’s message was the most important part in the entire bible. We always have to be connected to God. If we leave God as (the prodigal son left) the father, we can only live by the desires of our thoughts but God wants to be with such people like us and return to the father. Since God prepared everything we need beforehand, we just need to believe. All we need to do is believe in what God does and leave it to Him.”

모든 공연이 끝나고 애머릴로 시민들은 합창단에게 기쁨의 박수를 보냈다.

Missionary Alex’s heart palpitated seeing the citizens that filled the 2400 seat concert hall. He expressed his Joy saying, “God filled this place as He had promised.”

오후 5시 애머릴로 시빅 센터 오디토리움Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium의 VIP 룸에서 열렸던 목회자 모임 전경

“I now want to visit every one of the Amarillo citizens that has participated in the performance and preach the gospel. Currently, there are no church members in the Amarillo Church but I look forward to the citizens that have come to the Christmas Cantata today to become connected with the church!”

애머릴로 시에서 공식적으로 10월 9일을 애머릴로 시의 '칸타타 데이'로 지정한 선언문

The citizens of Amarillo stood gazing at the performance hall where the curtains have closed. Amidst the heated interest of the Christmas Cantata by the citizens of America, the 19th stage will begin in Oklahoma City, the biggest city in the state of Oklahoma. As much as it will be the first Christmas Cantata in Oklahoma City, we introduce the love and joy that the citizens will discover.

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